• Weight: 180 gr
  • Smell: Cool and sweet
  • Content: 200 ml
  • Dimensions: 32*52*182


Undoubtedly, Manifesto is the selection of young ladies, who have a free spirit and familiar with art and creativity, these unique young artists who seek to create luxury works, by smelling the scent of bergamot in the initial note of Manifest vapo perfume, their creative spirit is stimulated, and they convey this unique feeling to the people around them. - The combining of Tonka bean, vanilla, cedar and white sandalwood, revives the youthful spirit and vitality and freshness in the soul and dream of a young lady. - By spraying a few puffs of Manifesto vapo perfume on your skin, your extraordinary art and creativity will shine and you create art with double power; maybe, this happiness manifest in your soul and reach the audience.

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