Versase pour home

Versase pour home


  • Weight: 90 gr
  • Smell: Gentle and cool
  • Content: 35 ml
  • Dimensions: 32*33*118


Versase pour home The most masterpiece version of Versace embodied in Versase pour home; A cologne that creates a wonderful feeling for gentlemen with its strange spicy and sweet fragrance. One of the advantages of the Bayrock Versase pour home cologne 35 ml is that you can carry it with you everywhere, so that whenever you need to sparkle at a party, spraying a few sips will please you and those around you. , Charm yourself. In the opening notes of Versace's masterpiece, the smell of essential oils such as lemon, rose and bergamot is so intoxicating that you don't want to move on to the next note. But with the cool scent of marine plants, geranium flowers and cedarwood in the middle note, you'll be enchanted as if you've stepped into a new world. What others will remember about this masterpiece and will remember you for a long time is the wonderful combination of musk, tonka and amber essences that together create an amazing elixir.

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