• Weight: 275 gr
  • Smell: Hot
  • Content: 100 ml
  • Dimensions: 71*90*81


Whether you are in a formal or an informal ceremony, this perfume take you to the focus of interest and probably would provoke the other ladies’ jealousy, as it causes you shine like a diamond in the crowd. No way to be a tasteful lady and you don’t pick the X perfume! The X has a female fineness accompanying almond, coffee and lemon aroma, which means that you are represented as a confident, independent and sensible despite of all the female emotions. Primarily, Tuberose and jasmine notes are smelled of this magic perfume and arouses a positive energy in yourself. Gradually, Tunca and cocoa notes are replaced and the mixture of these tow would improve the happiness and vitality in you.The utilized aromas in the X perfume is a marvelous mixture in the cold seasons for the ladies!

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