In the ancient land of Iran, which is the cradle of civilization in human history, the production of perfume is more than 2,500 years old and is intertwined with the life of the people of this land. To the extent that it is considered one of the important centers of the aromatic oil industry and its trade to other lands. The daily use of perfumes in parties, by kings to common people, made ... the methods of perfume production to gain significant importance. Ibn Sina, a great Iranian physician and scientist, was the first inventor of the distillation method, which influenced the perfumery industry in Eastern countries and especially chemistry in the Western world. Zakariya Razi, a great Iranian scientist, also played a very important role in the development of the perfume and cologne industry by discovering alcohol. Over time, this attractive and precious material has had many ups and downs. It can be said that each person has a unique taste for choosing cologne. At Bayrock, we believe that in fact, colognes with cool, warm, feminine, masculine, etc. notes are not sprayed just to smell good, and each time it is used, it creates a good feeling and polishes the human spirit. Therefore, we decided to offer a quality, elegant and different product to the world with the experience of years of research in this field. By using Bayrock, you will have a deep sense of influence on others. We always sought to create a product to create a sense of exploration, transformation and immersion in good memories by smelling it.

Bayrock; Thinking about the dream and traveling to the future...



My experience in the world of cologne is to create an event.

Hassan Zargar