A complete introduction to perfume fixer and its advantages
February 10, 2023

 A complete introduction to perfume fixer and its advantages

what is perfume fixer?

The fixative is used to dilute pure perfumes and by opening the perfume molecules, it spreads the smell and creates a scent line. Also, due to its oily substance, it increases the shelf life of perfumes.
In fact, perfume fixative is an alcoholic and odorless substance that is used in perfumes and colognes.

What is perfume fixative or perfume solvent?

Perfumes are always produced in the form of oils and essential oils. It means that the main ingredient of colognes and all products that have a smell is essential oil. Essential oil perfumes are produced by big perfumery companies.

After the essential oils are produced by these big companies, the cologne or cosmetic brands produce their own products using these essential oils. They do this by formulating the pure substance with a fixative. Actually, perfume fixative and solvent are used to make cologne and it's used in process of converting perfume into cologne.
In most cases, it is like this that cologne brands produce their desired scent and then order this sent to the big companies of the world for mass production. Companies such as
givaudan and Luzi Switzerland, which are among the largest and best perfume companies in the world. 

What is the use of perfume fixative?

The fixative is actually used to dilute and formulate aromatic oil products. That is, if you buy your perfumes from a reliable store and these perfumes are pure, you should add some fixative to it so that you can spray it well on the clothes. In addition to spraying and not staining the clothes, which is one of the advantages of perfume fixatives, fixatives make perfume notes to be separated and all the notes can be smelled well. 

the fixative makes our perfumes smell more diffused. In this way, the more we add to the main fixative material, the longer it lasts, and the smell is added to it.
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Perfumes are classified as perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and cologne in order of durability and concentration. But their distribution is categorized as perfume, cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfum, from more to less.

That is, the more aromatic alcohol (fixer), the higher the percentage of its distribution; But its durability becomes less during the day. If you pay attention, it is written on the cologne glass or the cologne carton and box: 
70% alcohol or 70% voling, which indicates the amount of alcohol in the cologne.

Why is fixative used in making perfume?

It causes the perfume molecules to break apart and make the perfume more diluted. It does not change the smell of the perfume and prevents the corruption of the perfume.
Prevents the presence of deposits in the perfume. It causes a noticeable increase in the spread of perfume.
Due to the use of suitable compounds, it is compatible with all kinds of perfumes with different concentrations.
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