A review on Dior SAUVAGE Vapo Perfume
September 17, 2022

A review on Dior SAUVAGE Vapo Perfume

Dior SAUVAGE Vapo Perfume

Christian Dior was born in Granville and moved to Paris with his family at the age of ten.

After studying political science and serving in the army, Christian started designing clothes and selling them. In 1938, one of the famous dress designers, Robert Pigert, hired him.

Dior served in the army in the south of France during World War II. He returned to Paris in 1941 and resumed his work in a large salon owned by Lucien Lelong. During this time, he presented new and creative designs and ideas.

In 1946, the owner of a large textile factory supported him to establish his fashion salon. During the Second World War, Paris did not have a favorable situation and progress in the world of fashion and had fallen a lot.

But Christian Dior turned this city back into the capital and the focus of fashion enthusiasts and activists.

He designed many collections over the years. These collections often had a special theme and concept. Among these designs, we can mention a mannequin named "Carol", the spring collection "Tulip" and the A-line collection.

Dior had exotic designs that were close to those of the Second Empire and other historical styles. In addition to designing women's collections, Dior also designed good men's clothes and placed them in his modern clothes rack.

But in 1947, Dior introduced his first perfume called "Miss Dior". This perfume was made in honor and memory of Christian Dior's sister, "Catherine Dior".

Dior progressed to such an extent that in a period it had 25% of the perfume business in the world. "Pierre Cardin" managed Dior from 1947 to 1950.

During this period, the export of Dior perfumes outside of France began. In 1949, Dior opened his perfume boutique in New York.

It is interesting to know that "Yves Saint Laurent" was also in charge of Dior's artistic management for some time and brought the falling name of Dior back into the limelight. At the age of 21, Yves Saint Laurent had become a champion for Dior.

About Dior brand

Leaving aside Yves Saint Laurent, we must remember that the Dior brand now has more than 184 perfumes in its collection and this number is gradually increasing.

Dior perfumes are made in collaboration with famous perfumers such as "Pierre Bourdon", "Francois Demachy", "Nathalie Lorson" and "Dominique Ropion".

Christian Dior's name is heard a lot after his death. Dior is known all over the world for its collections of women's clothing and fashion, luxury clothes, cosmetics, and high-quality perfumes.

 He is one of the most prominent perfumers in the world, who has been working as the fragrance development director of LVMH since 2006.

Givenchy, Dior, Guerlain, and Kenzo can be mentioned among the subcategories of this company. Francois was born in Cannes, France, and spent many years studying perfumery in Grasse.

He created his first perfume in 1971 and now has more than 113 perfumes under his name. His most famous perfumes are Dior Sauvage, Dior Homme Parfum, Miss Dior, and Chanel Egoïste.

Dior Sauvage

For many of us, it is difficult to choose the right perfume for the hot seasons. Because cool perfumes usually have less durability and fragrance distribution, many of us expect the perfume to have a long shelf life.

However, the quality of a good perfume is measured by different criteria and it can be bad, even if it has longevity.

The Dior Company, which owns one of the most successful perfume houses in the world, designed and launched Sauvage Eau de Toilette in 2015.

This EDU perfume made a lot of noise with its advertising campaign. The main reason was the presence of a star like Johnny Depp.

Dior Sauvage has all the characteristics of a good perfume. At first sight and seeing the name Sauvage, we are reminded of the Eau Sauvage series of perfumes.

Products that were campaigned by Alain Delon. Eau Sauvage consists of 7 products, the first member of which was launched in 1966. But Dior Sauvage has a completely different look than Eau Sauvage.

By seeing the bottle and the light shade on the glass of this product, you will be reminded of Dior Fahrenheit.

The Dior Sauvage bottle is relatively heavy, but thanks to its magnetic door, you don't have to worry about the fragrance leaving when moving.

Dior Company has designed a strong and suitable magnet for this product. Also, the spray nozzle of Dior Sauvage is so well designed that you will easily be able to control the amount of perfume you need.

Everything promises a flawless and modern product so far. But beyond all these features, it is the appearance, scent, and quality of the perfume that play the most important role to choose it.

Dior Sauvage was designed by one of the greatest perfumers of recent decades, François Demaqui. The design that had previously created successful products such as Fahrenheit Absolute, Fahrenheit 32, Fan di Fendi and J`Adore L`Absolu.

With the first spray of Dior Sauvage, you will notice the smell of apple and pineapple fruits. A cool and refreshing combination that gives you a lot of energy.

If you expect feedback from those around you about your perfume, Sauvage will not disappoint you. The scent of Savage is completely universal and reliable and will easily attract the attention of those around you.

So if you are looking for special and unique perfumes, maybe Savage is not for you. You can use Dior Savage for all occasions, including formal meetings and even during sport, with any type of clothes.

The Sauvage can also be called a four-season perfume, but it will give you the most feedback and efficiency in the warm seasons of the year.

The Dior Sauvage competitor

The bleu de Chanel, from the Chanel brand, can be considered as the direct competitor of Dior Sauvage. Both of these perfumes have a cool and fruity scent. Also, the fragrance and durability of these two products are very close to each other.

Eventually, if you are looking to have a good fragrance for all occasions, which you can use with any kind of clothes and get good feedback, then Dior Sauvage can be an ideal choice for you.