Amour lalice body perfume by bayrock
January 19, 2023

Amour lalice body perfume by bayrock

 Amour lalice vapo perfume produced by bayrock (Amore for women). Amour lalice is a soft and sweet fragrance that was released to the perfume market by bayrock Company. This vapo perfume is like Lalique L'Amour perfume a feminine and attractive one.

Designing the cover and bottle of Amour lalice (le Amore for women) is unique and simple. This vapo perfume, with its mild and sweet scent, can be classified in the category of aromatic floral and woody scents.

lAmour lalice live in Japan and aim to combine flowers with fragrant stems and bring a refreshing elixir. This women's vapo perfume is suitable for young and middle-aged women and has a mild smell and is best used on hot days of the year.

This fragrance was designed and produced with the inspiration of Japanese culture and art. In its scent, elements such as orange spring extract, bergamot and rose are used in the top note, and in the heart note, ronassian, jasmine, and maryam, and finally, musk, white sandalwood, and cedar, and has designed this unique scent.

This vapo perfume is suitable for women in the age group of 25 to 50 years, and because of its sweet and mild smell, it is recommended to be used on hot days of the year. The purpose of producing the scent of Amour lalice is to create a sense of pride and eternal personality for those who welcome this scent.

History of Lalique L'Amour vapo perfume

Through texts and archeological excavations, it has been found that perfumes existed in some early human civilizations. Modern perfumery began at the end of the 19th century when the artificial production of aromatic substances such as vanillin and coumarin became commercially possible. It is good to know that all famous perfumes and colognes such as L'Amour perfume have in their structure a combination of essential oils or natural scents that have been combined according to a special formula to get a pleasant perfume or cologne. As mentioned earlier, L'Amour perfume has a musky woody floral scent.

About Amour lalice

(Amour lalice) is a women's vapo perfume and is mostly liked by people aged 25 to 50. In the next part of this article, we will introduce you to the fragrances of L'Amour perfume, so that you can choose your favorite perfume with its help.

Note, scent and essence 0f Amour lalice

Amour lalice vapo perfume is a feminine perfume with woody floral and musk scent. The exact formula of commercial perfumes is kept confidential. Even if they release them, their scents are so influenced by complex ingredients and smells that they don't help much to identify and describe that particular scent. However, a person who specializes in perfume can skillfully understand its constituents. The most practical way to describe the note or essence of L'Amour perfume is to consider the elements of the fragrance or "family" it belongs to, all those scents that make up the overall feeling of a perfume from the moment you wear it, to the last moment that its effect remains.

The fragrances of Amour lalice vapo perfumef from bayrock

Perfume, like musical notes, is described by three different notes and they create a harmonious scent. These notes will be revealed over time, in order to understand the meaning of initial note, heart note or base note, read more. The first smell that you smell from this bayrocks perfume is related to the initial note. After that, the smell of the middle note is felt, and in the last stage, the smell of the base note gradually reveals itself. These notes are created as the perfume evaporates.

Amour lalice vapo perfume notes:

1-The initial note of Lalique Amour lalice perfume

It is a scent that you can smell as soon as you use this vapo perfume. Top notes consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. They play an important role in the formation of a person's initial feeling towards that perfume and as a result, they are very vital in the sale of that perfume. The primary essence of this perfume is: bergamot, spring orange, rose.

2- The heart note or essence of Amour lalice vapo perfume (Le Amour): is a scent that shows itself just when the initial note is fading. The middle note compounds form the heart or the main body of a perfume, which includes the scents of lily of the valley, jasmine, jasmine gardenia.

3- In the final notes of the perfume and over time, a pleasant smell can be felt that forms the base essence and includes white sandalwood, musk, cedar. The final notes add depth and strength to any perfume. The compounds of this group of smells are rich and deep and usually cannot be smelled until 30 minutes after use. The top and middle notes of Amour lalice perfume are influenced by the base note of Amour cologne.

Perfumers like bayrock Company usually publish the notes of the perfumes and usually display them as a pyramid of scents in abstract terms.

Bayrock is a perfume manufacturer that has been able to attract many people by producing and supplying high-quality perfumes. By choosing the desired perfume from bayrock, you can save time and find out about the fragrance by reading the product information and make the best choice for yourself.