Aromas that makes you happier
March 06, 2023

Aromas that makes you happier

It seems that as the older we get, the harder it is to find or immerse ourselves in the things that make us happy. There are certainly many things being produced and competing for our attention, but our strictures and many other factors will prevent it. 
But whether you agree or not, you don't need very special and strange events and moments to be happy. you can focus on what your brain believes. For example, something that gives you a great scent quickly and easily. 
It's just enough to give you a look that's sure to last all day. So, now take a look at bayrock perfume products and take yours.
Through many researches, researchers have proven that you can lead yourself to happiness with your sense of smell. The human nose is filled with millions of receptors that send information to the parts of the brain that process emotions and learning. 
This is why smell evokes memories more than other senses. The sense of smell is a simple pathway to the limbic system that defies logic and conscious thought. The limbic is a part of the brain that plays a role in our behavioral and emotional reactions. 
The aromas and scents that we can smell every day, arouse and stimulate emotions in people. Therefore, it is not at all strange that something vague like the feeling of happiness is associated with a certain scent for some! 
If you feel like you're in a mental breakdown or just need something simple and accessible these days to make you feel happy, follow this article until the end to find out the results of expert scientific research and the experience of a skilled perfumer to explain how scents can help you. Make them happy and lively. At the end of the article, we have introduced some notes and perfumes for your convenience. 


The relationship between scents and the human brain 

Harvard University professor Venkatesh Murthy, Raymond Leo Erickson professor of biological sciences and chair of the department of molecular and cellular biology, claim that memories are influenced by smells because of the anatomical shape of the human brain. They held a panel discussion entitled "Olfaction in Science and Society," sponsored by the Harvard Museum of Natural History in collaboration with the Harvard Brain Science Initiative. 
Spirits are controlled by the sense of smell. In the forebrain is a structure that sends information to other central command areas of the body for further processing. Scents travel through a direct pathway to the limbic system, including the amygdala and hippocampus, areas associated with emotion and memory, and such olfactory signals reach the limbic system very quickly. 
Those examining the neural and algorithmic basis of odor-driven behaviors in terrestrial animals say that taste also plays a role in these sensations. To strengthen your sense of smell you can do this exercise, when you walk down the street, consciously identify what you smell... the more you use your nose, the stronger it will become. 
When you chew the molecules in food, they return to your nasal epithelium through your nose. Meaning that basically anything you think of as a flavor is a scent! When you try the delicious and complex flavors of food... they are actually all different flavors that you are trying. 
You can test this theory at home by trying different foods to see if it's true. Do this test by pinching your nose while eating something like vanilla or chocolate ice cream. You will find that instead of the different flavors you expect, everything you taste is sweet! 
People even tend to associate colors with  their spirits, and this connection can be shown with pieces of paper stained with colors. Most people associate the smell of tangerine and the taste of citrus fruits with the colors orange, yellow and green, or when smelling the scent of vetiver, people imagine green and brown colors in their mind. Smell is the only fully developed sense of the human fetus in the womb, and it is a sense that is developed in the child until the age of about 10, when his vision takes over. 
Emotions along with spirits are stored as a memory in the human brain, childhood is usually a period where you build a foundation for spirits you will love or hate for the rest of your life. The bony plate of the nose, which connects to the olfactory bulb and sends signals to the brain, is extremely vulnerable and sensitive, meaning a blow to the head can destroy this plate, causing a person to lose their sense of smell completely. So if you do heavy sports, use helmets to take care of this divine gift.

Francis kurkdjian opinion about spirits and their effects 

French perfumer Francis kurkdjian, who is the creator of a successful brand in the field of perfumery; Agrees that the sense of smell is the most instinctive of the five senses and refers to smell as a "primary sense". This master perfumer noted that despite the fact that scents cannot be touched, they can evoke positive emotions such as joy and happiness in us. 
some theories says that Transcendental energies connect directly to the emotional part of our brain and bypass the filter of conscious thought, they interact directly with our buried emotions and hidden memories. However, the way a perfume affects people is different. Of the olfactory concoctions imaginable, both are quick to point out that smell is subjective. 
"I can recommend a scent that I think promotes happiness within us, but you may not agree. Because for some people, the smell of freshly cut grass makes them happy, but for a bunch of people, it's not the same," Francis kurkdjian said. It also smells like a painful attack, like the grass is screaming!" 
"Smells are unique to each of us," explains Francis kurkdjian. "There is no one scent that evokes the same feeling for everyone. As a result, the journey to find one or a collection of scents that make you happy is a personal one." "
The professional French perfumer said: "Since the sense of smell is unique to each of us, there is little chance that the feelings of happiness or fear, sadness and peace created by the scents will be shared by others. While a scent with a mood there's no one-size-fits-all, but there are shortcuts to finding happy spirits." 
He added: "In the Cologne Forte collection, I moved the line between the smell of freshness and cleanliness. Think of the fresh and clean feeling you get when you wear a freshly ironed shirt or clean sheets. Every scent in addition to smelling good, provides a radiant aura that makes you feel good both mentally and physically."

Fragrances to cheer you up 

Using scents that are associated with happier memories and feelings can miraculously change your mood, turning you from ah to a wow in an instant! That's when the scent hits the sweet spot of memories and offers you a temporary relief. Investing in yourself and personal health is very important. A pleasant-smelling space is one you look forward to being in and will also enjoy your time there. 
So, for this purpose, use diffusers, candles, incense and perfumes that suit your taste so that your favorite scents are spread in your space. You might choose lavender or Siberian fir to calm your soul, or peppermint when you're doing some intellectual work. But be sure that by doing this, you will reset your brain and body. In the rest of this article, we are going to introduce you to some examples of refreshing and energizing elements that are widely used in the field of sweet perfumery.

1. Lavender 

Lavender, is like the jewel in the world of aromatherapy! Lavender, has earthy and aromatic scent has been used regularly in aromatherapy. This herb, which has been studied in aromatherapy, treats depression, improves sleep, and lowers cortisol levels. Lavender is most effective when combined with the lovely bergamot. FOUNDER cologne from Bayrock Company is one of those fragrances that you just don't want to get rid of; Of course, the lasting power of lavender in FOUNDER cologne is so high that you will never worry about it.

2. Jasmine 

these tiny white flowers have made countless people happy for thousands of years! It has been shown in laboratory tests that jasmine soothes the nerves, reduces anxiety and relaxes the brain. If you are looking for a scent to relax and feel happy, definitely consider jasmine. If you like to try a perfume with jasmine scent we recommend you to buy PUISSANT vapo perfume from bayrock online shop. Scents of flower and herbal aromas such as rose, jasmine and patchouli would arouse a positive energy and dynamic feeling in you and makes you happy and cheerful.

3. Neroli or orange blossom 

Attractive and desirable neroli is like a breath of sweet citrus air! This lovely citrus flower was tested on menopause symptoms with brilliant results! In addition to increasing sexual desire, orange blossom reduces stress and blood pressure and makes you feel happy and relaxed. If you are looking for a perfume which has orange blossom, our great suggestion for fancy ladies would be MORALE. You can buy this perfume from bayrock online shop.

4. Rose 

Rose oil has two constituents, citrinol and 2-phenylethyl alcohol, which are known anti-anxiety agents. According to one study, mothers who had just given birth inhaled rose oil to reduce their anxiety. It was seen that these mothers felt more secure, comfortable and satisfied after the treatment. If rose aroma is your favorite choose RENEWAL from bayrock company. You will shine like a diamond in the ceremonies with RENEWAL and the mild sweet rose aroma would leave a memento in other’s mind and memory.

5. Mint 

mint has a cool scent. The cool scent of mint makes you feel cheerful, happy and ready to do the next exercises. Taking some peppermint or patchouli essential oil when you feel stressed, anxious and tired can reduce irritability and increase your energy. Athletes are convinced of the power of peppermint, as they often consume it either by inhalation or diluted in water, as it has been shown to enhance athletic performance according to a 2012 study. If you want a perfume with patchouli scent the Explore vapo perfume is one of those scent that can be with men all year round.

6. Grapefruit 

Pink grapefruit changes the way people perceive age! Participants in a study who were exposed to a citrus odor perceived models to be three years younger than those who viewed the photo without the odor. Citrus scents have other benefits, including mood enhancement, increased concentration, and anxiety reduction. If you want a perfume with citrus aroma and grapefruit we suggest you to buy S FEMME from bayrock Perfume Company and enjoy its pleasant scent.