Bay Rock Mon Paris vapoperfume
September 17, 2022

Bay Rock Mon Paris vapoperfume

Everything about Bay Rock Mon Paris vapoperfume

Bay Rock Mon Paris vapoperfume is inspired by Paris Mondays and a stunning fragrance dedicated to the olfactory interpretation of love.

This perfume is one of the most famous products of the Yves Saint Laurent brand, which was produced and released in 2016 inspired by the city of Paris, the city of love.

To create this mild and sweet Mediterranean scent, three of the famous perfumers of this brand, namely Oliver Crisp, Harry Ferment and Dora Arnaud, worked together to create this cool fruity combination for the balanced seasons of the year.

Mon Paris is a unique perfume that spreads its seductive fragrance in space and is presented as a stunning fragrance that presents a modern scent of love, a sense of freedom from problems, self-confidence and passion.

As soon as you press the spray nozzle of Mon Paris cologne, the top notes with the aroma of red berries and pears spread the feeling of love in the environment.

The white Detura flower is the soul of this perfume, which attracts the attention of those around it with its sensual middle notes.

Finally, in the base notes, this bold modern scent is balanced with white musk and patchouli. This fantastic smell will take you on an unforgettable journey to the heart of Paris.

Expert review of Mon Paris vapoperfume

Eau de Cologne Mon Paris shines with its transparent glass bottle like a solemn lady in her pink dress. The pink and salty essence can be seen well from the transparent bottle.

Even the bottle's cap is transparent, and the spray nozzle can be seen from under it. It remains exactly like pure love that has honestly exposed everything.

No matter where you look at the Mon Paris vapoperfume bottle, you can see the softness and femininity of the scent.

The bottle's narrow cylindrical neck is decorated with a feminine black bow that carries Yves Saint Laurent's metallic trademark.

This golden metallic logo is the only detail that can be seen from this brand in the design of this bottle. Not even the name of the fragrance.

It is only loved that waves from the corners of this design and fills everywhere with love.

In the YSL MON PARIS cologne ad campaign, French filmmakers Clement Douro and Pierre Dupaquier have used Canadian model Krista Couber and French actor Jeremy Lahort in different parts of Paris.

These places include a club, the subway near the Eiffel Tower, and the roof of the Opéra Garnier during the day and night of filming. Its promotional images were done by Billy Kidd.

Appearance characteristics of YSL Mon Paris vapoperfume, a luxurious and attractive perfume

The design of Mon Paris cologne is very stylish, luxurious and attractive.

The first and most attractive thing that usually draws people's attention to Eau Saint Laurent Mon Paris is the black ribbon tied in the form of a bow around the neck of the perfume bottle, giving Mon Paris a wonderful effect.

Also, the YSL brand logo can be seen on a golden plaque. The liquid inside the perfume is pink in color, which is easily visible due to the transparency of the body of the cologne.

Mon Paris vapoperfume bottle cap is designed in the shape of a cylinder, which is well mounted on the perfume bottle.

Notes of Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris vapoperfume, a Mediterranean scent

Mon Paris was designed and formulated by three famous perfumers, Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche and Harry Fremont.

Top notes: after spraying Mon Paris vapoperfume, they quickly reveal their top notes. These notes include pear, raspberry, strawberry, orange, tangerine, aldehyde and pear. These citrus and sweet notes give you freshness and vitality.

Middle notes: After a bit, it's time for the middle notes. These notes include the jasmine flower, orange blossom, and taturah flower. These compounds will increase your positive energy.

Base notes: Finally, after a long time, it's time for the base notes to come and stand out. These notes include amber, musk, cedar wood, oakmoss and vanilla, increasing your confidence.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris cologne fragrance is suitable at what time?

Due to the mild nature and sweet scent of Eosen Lorraine Mon Paris perfume, it can be used in almost all seasons of the year, but it will perform better in spring and autumn.

The longevity and spread of Mon Paris fragrance are good, and the users of this perfume are mostly satisfied.

You can use Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris perfume at parties and official meetings. If you have a long day ahead of you, you'll be glowing all day long with Mon Paris vapoperfume!

By buying Bay Rock Mon Paris women's vapoperfume, you will not need to buy quality and attractive women's perfume for a long time.

Mon Paris is the best choice if you want to attract your beloved and give him peace with the wonderful and professional combinations of vanilla, raspberry, peony, jasmine, patchouli, and ambroxan.