Bay Rock PURE XS vapoperfume
September 17, 2022

Bay Rock PURE XS vapoperfume

The PURE XS vapoperfume

Paco Rabanne Pure XS men's cologne was designed and launched in the men's perfume and cologne market in 2017 by the Spanish company Paco Rabanne.

Bay Rock Pure XS vapoperfume is one of the best men's perfumes of the Paco Rabanne brand and many people are its fans.

The new Pure XS vapoperfume emphasizes the similarity of prepositions and gender in its advertisements, which can also be seen in the original version of Paco Rabanne XS from 1993.

In 2017, Pure XS announced its gender-bending comeback with a more gender-biased approach.

Pure XS vapoperfume was first designed in 1994 and in 2017 it was re-designed and released on the market with some modifications and changes.

It is interesting to know that the reception of both the old and new versions of Pure XS perfume was very wonderful and this men's perfume became one of the best-selling perfumes of the Paco Raban Company.

The famous Portuguese painter Francisco Henriques is used in the advertisement for Pure XS vapoperfume, and the advertising slogan is the following sentence:

Pure XS cologne is a perfume to reach the peak of courage, charm, and fun!

What are the features of Paco Rabanne Pure XS vapoperfume?

Paco Rabanne Pure XS vapoperfume has a very attractive and stylish design. The bottle of this men's perfume attracts your attention at first glance with its geometric and regular shape.

In the center of the perfume bottle, its name, PURE XS, can be seen in golden color. Another noteworthy point is the color of the Pure XS vapoperfume bottle, which goes from soft and clear blue to black from bottom to top.

This design will show the peak of attractiveness in men, which happens gradually.

What are the notes of Pure XS men's perfume?

The design and formulation of Pure XS vapoperfume were done by three famous perfumers named Bruno Jovanovic, Anne Flipo, and Caroline Dumur.

Top notes: As soon as you spray Bay Rock Pure XS vapoperfume on your clothes or your skin, you will quickly notice the scent of bergamot, grapefruit, green notes, ginger, and thyme.

These notes create a sense of excitement and freshness in you and those around you.

Middle notes: After a relatively short time, it's time for the middle notes. These notes include vanilla, apple, leather, and cinnamon, the combination of these notes brings a sense of energy and vitality to the environment.

Base notes: Finally, after a long time has passed, the final notes arrive. These notes include patchouli, sugar, wood notes, cedar, myrrh, and cashmere wood.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS perfume is suitable for cold days of the year

Due to the warmth of Paco Rabanne Pure XS vapoperfume, the best time to use it is on the cold days of autumn and winter.

Also, you can use it at parties as well as for your daily use due to the durability and the good smell of this perfume. Among other popular perfumes of Paco Rabanne Company, we can mention Paco Rabanne One Million cologne.

Bay Rock Pure XS vapoperfume description

This combination is obtained from fresh spicy aromas and warm herbal gum and wood. The creators of this perfume aim to convey the feeling of trembling of the skin with desire and passion.

This idea is a mental value that guides perfumers to achieve a combination of two senses of contrast and proportion. This conflict means conflict between one body and another between extremes.

The Pure XS vapoperfume is a magnetic movement of fresh oriental scents with a constant conflict between inside and outside, cold and hot, mild and intense.

Smelling this vapo perfume offers a sense of incorporating two senses on the same edge and blurring against absorption in the reflection of the other.

The first boldness is double the burst of freshness and newness. Along with this introduction is a sense of violence that comes with the burning taste of too much-frozen ginger, a delicious wet taste of sting that stimulates and strengthens the instincts.

The second time, you can smell a creamy sensation of herbal juices and thyme that creates a super masculine scent.

The second is double bold: a fiery and sensual pleasure of cinnamon with a touch of mouth-watering spiciness. A spicy pleasure as a deep wave of the power of original vanilla with leather and musk rushes towards you.

Finally, the time has come for the pulsating heat of the myrrh gum to meet with sugar to create a sensation of two fires on the skin, to change moods upon entering, and quickly release a special desire once again.

The designer of this perfume, Francisco Henrik, has designed this work as a photo taken by fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg and directed by Johan Rank.

A beautiful and bright bottle that takes advantage of the design of the collection to show sad colors such as black and dark in it.

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