BayRock Bright Crystal Vapo perfume
November 23, 2022

BayRock Bright Crystal Vapo perfume

How is BayRock Bright Crystal Vapo perfume?

Alberto Morillas, the world's legendary perfumer, designed the cool and sweet Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette for the Versace brand.

This legendary Italian brand could introduce and marketed its most attractive fruity floral perfume for women in 2006.

After seven years of producing Bright Crystal cologne, which was famous under Versace Pink, the Versace brand presented a new version under Bright Crystal Absolut.

The scent of the new product is the same as the previous one, with some changes in its ingredients.

In 2013, "Versace" redesigned one of its Italian brand perfumes. The name of the new fragrance is "Bright Crystal Absolu." This perfume is an intensified version of "Bright Crystal."

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu is one of the masterpieces of the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas. It has a volume of 90 ml and is suitable for women.

BayRock Bright Crystal vapo perfume has a sweet and incredible smell and is recommended in spring and summer.

The Bright Crystal Absolu bottle is elegantly designed and fits well in women's hands.

Versace perfume brand

The Italian company Versace perfume brand, is a fashion and fashion design house. This company began designing and producing women's clothing in 1978.

With the investment of Gianni Versace (Johnny Versace), the investor of this brand quickly achieved success. Versace launched the first boutique of the company in Milan, Italy.

The logo of the Versace perfume company was designed with the symbol of Medusa.

Medusa is the only ugly woman with a dead face in ancient Greek mythology who turned others to stone with her gaze. Perseus destroyed her.

Versace designed luxury clothes and accessories through the influence of modern art (pop art). He got inspiration from classical Greek mythology and ancient Roman designs and architecture.

On the Bayrock website, you can see the perfumes of the Versace perfume brand in its various series and combinations and the technical information of these perfumes.

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu glass design

The design of the Absolu Bright Crystal perfume bottle is beautiful and eye-catching. The appearance design of Versace Bright Crystal Absolut cologne is like Bright Crystal perfume.

The first attractive thing that catches your eye is the cap of the cologne bottle. The bottle cap of Bright Crystal Absolut is in the shape of a cut pink diamond.

The design of the Bright Crystal Absolu glass is like its predecessor in the form of a pure gem with some changes in details.

The bottle of this women's perfume catches the eye with a transparent cap and primary lines inspired by the arc of jewels and a distinctive element of the Versace crystal collection.

The bottle of Bright Crystal perfume in the Absolu version is darker in pink than the Bright Crystal women's perfume.

Of course, the thickening of the pink colour of the glass indicates the increase in the concentration of the scent of the perfume.

This jewel-like glass tells about a powerful and beautiful woman whose personality is full of absolute purity and transparency.

The Versace logo and the name Bright Crystal Absolu are seen on the glass. With its strange shape and large size, the bottle cap is well mounted on the glass.

This trendy and famous perfume has a delicate, refreshing, impressive and everyone-friendly scent. It's safe to say everybody enjoys the unique and lovely aroma of Versace Bright Crystal Absolu.

You will smell yuzu, pomegranate, and seawater by spraying Versace Bright Crystal Absolu on your skin and pulse area.

This natural and excellent combination will create a lot of happiness and energy in you. As time passes, you will notice the shifting of the beginning and middle notes.

The middle notes slowly replace the opening notes. Lotus flower, magnolia flower, raspberry and peony flower compose these notes.

After smelling these floral and sweet notes, you will have more positive energy and freshness. After a long time, if you pay attention, you will notice the smell of musk, amber and mahogany.

This woody and sweet combination conveys a lot of peace and mental balance.

Buying the BayRock Bright Crystal vapo perfume will be memorable for you due to its lasting smell, high fragrance distribution, beautiful glass and well-known brand.