Best perfumes with jasmine scent
February 20, 2023

Best perfumes with jasmine scent

Perfumes with Jasmine scent are considered as one of the most popular perfumes. It must have happened to you that you passed by a lilac bush and the smell made you intoxicated. The scent of jasmine is one of the fragrances that makes you to enjoy smelling it. An attractive scent inducing a refreshing and enchanting feeling! The scent that is used in a perfume and makes it a suitable perfume for weddings, parties and special meetings, courtships, etc.

The scent of jasmine flower is one of the most fragrant flowers and this scent is liked by many women and men. The scent of white or purple jasmine is usually more common in women's perfumes. Most perfumes and colognes that have a jasmine scent are pink or purple in color, so they are a little easier to recognize than other perfumes.

Psychologists say that, most of the perfumes that have the scent of flowers have a very positive effect on the people's behavior and makes them relax and fresh in every one. In addition, the amount of fragrance spread and the durability of perfumes that have the scent of flowers are also very high. Here we introduce Jasmin scent perfumes. Which are available in bayrock online shop and you can buy them in affordable price.

Women's perfume with jasmine flower scent

Good Girl vapo perfume

If we want to introduce you a perfume with a jasmine scent, the first option is undoubtedly Good Girl. The origin of Good Girl perfume goes back to an American company.  In 2009, for the first time, this fragrant perfume went to the market, and most women are familiar with its lovely scents. The use of a sweet scent and gentle nature has attracted the attention of many people. 

The famous perfumers Rosendo Matteo and Oliver Cresp have taken over the process of making this perfume. Using this cologne is suggested for cold season because it gives you a pleasant warm feeling. 
You can smell jasmine in the middle note of this perfume. If you want to give an ideal perfume to girls born in autumn, undoubtedly, this product will be a valuable gift. You can buy this perfume from bayrock online shop with the name of
God girl.
First note: melon, orange and bergamot
Heart note: jasmine, rose, proline and proline
Base note: woody notes and cinnamon

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle women's vapo perfume

Lancôme la vie est belle is a sweet, warm and powerful vapo perfume with a scent of jasmine. The initial scent of the perfume starts with the sweet and warm smell of vanilla, with the presence of a weak scent of fruits and flowers, but they have no place to stand out against the sweetness and strength of vanilla. 
As the time passes and the first note fades, the sweetness of vanilla is reduced and it becomes mild and attractive, and this change allows the scent of flowers, especially the scent of jasmine, to be more powerful to create a sweet, creamy, vanilla and floral combination.

Lancôme la vie est belle has a very good scent distribution and longevity and is an excellent choice for formal or daily use in the fall and winter seasons. "Lancôme la vie est belle" is a modern and complex fragrance that offers you a spicy and warm experience of oriental scents along with floral and sweet scents.
The French phrase La vie est belle means "life is beautiful" and the perfume "Lancôme la vie est belle" by choosing the same slogan calls you to choose a path towards happiness and joy in life as well as inspiring others. "Lancôme la vie est belle" makes a unique scent by spring lily flowers with the earthy smell of patchouli that can intoxicate any one.

These scents are placed next to the pleasant scent of sugar and the warm and sensual scent of vanilla. Other floral scents such as Jasmine and Tunisian Orange Blossom have completed this attractive aroma. You can buy LA VIES BEILE vapo perfume from bayrock online perfume shop.
First note: black gooseberry, pear
Heart note: lily, jasmine, orange blossom
Base note: Tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, praline

Women's vapo perfume Victoria Secret Bombshell 

Victoria Secret cologne, created by Adriana Medina and her colleagues in 2010, with a jasmine scent that gets it more than passion fruit, peony and grapefruit in its composition. Victoria Secret is a great choice to wear on hot and long summer days. This product is produced for women who attract everyone's attention with their behavior and are unique and attractive.

Vivarium vapo perfume is produced with Victoria Secret bomb shell scent, buy Bayrock Company with affordable price and high quality. You can buy this perfume for your self and those you love.
Top notes: tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry
Middle note: split peony, jasmine, lily, red berry
Base note: musk, sandalwood, lichen

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioa women's perfume

Acqua di Gioa is a magical and refreshing scent which is taken from the Mediterranean Sea with the aroma of jasmine flowers. This refreshing aquatic-marine fragrance opens with a scent of jasmine and lemon, which gets its hearty warmth from the cedar wood in the base notes. If you are one of those men who like spicy, hot and smoky perfumes, we are honored to introduce you this one as the best of this type. You can buy this produce with the name of AQUA D GIU vapo perfume from bayrock online shop.

"Parfums De Marley" men's eau de parfum "Herod" model 

Herod has a warm and spicy smell that makes it suitable for autumn and winter nights. The power of nature and the interesting harmony of scents have joined hands to make this new product of the Giorgio Armani brand unique. This perfume can attract every women all over the world and give ambition to all the women of the world. This extraordinary and gentle product of this brand was produced and introduced in March 2010 by Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. You can buy this product with the name of MORALE from bayrock online shop.
Top notes: mint and lemon
Middle notes: peony, jasmine and pink pepper
End note: ladden flower, Virginia cedar wood and sugar

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris women's vapo perfume

YSL Mon Paris Eau de perfume for women - YSL Mon Paris, which was inspired by the Mondays in Paris, was launched in mid-2016. A modern olfactory interpretation of intense, dedicated love. It has a fruity opening, an intoxicating floral heart and a dark chypre base.
It starts with a sweet and juicy blend of Calabrian orange, strawberry, raspberry and pear. Tattore flower along with a bouquet of peony, Chinese jasmine and orange blossom rule the heart of this perfume. Crystalline white musk (three of them), ambroxan and a potent duo of patchouli (from Indonesia and Guatemala) provide the signature base of the classic chypre. This perfume starts with a juicy and sweet combination of bergamot, strawberry, raspberry and pear. Its base note is dominated by tatore flower along with the scent of peony, Chinese jasmine, sambac and orange blossom. The signature of this perfume is derived from amber and mint. It is Indian.

Characteristic of Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris perfume

The advertising of this jasmine fragrance, directed by the duo Clement Douro and Pierre Dupaquier, shows the Canadian model Crystal Couber and the French actor Jeremy Lahert in different places in Paris, in a club, in the subway, near the Eiffel Tower and the roof of the Opera Garnier, both during the day and also at night The advertising photography of this perfume was done by Billy Kidd. The campaign to introduce this perfume by the French director Clément Duru and Pierre Dupaquier and the Canadian model Crista Cober and the French actor Jérémie Laheurte in different parts of Paris including a club, the subway, near the Eiffel Tower and on the roof of the Opera Garnier, in two days and nights. 
First note: bergamot, orange, tangerine, strawberry, raspberry, pear, colon composition
Heart note: jasmine, orange blossom, marigold, tatore flower
Base note: musk, vanilla, patchouli, moss, oak, cedar, ambroxan
You can buy MON PARIS body perfume for women from bayrock online perfume shop.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather men's perfume - Tom Ford Ombre Leather

This perfume has jasmine scent, slightly warm and leathery aroma, Tom Ford Ombre Leather was released to the perfume market in 2018. Tom Ford Amber Leather is a masculine, modern and stylish fragrance, and the scent of leather makes it more stylish. It fell like the heart of the western deserts wrapped in leather. Smell of dust in the wind, skin on skin, and a kind of leather that reveals itself as a multi-layered landscape, where the expanse of rocks turns into the golden yellow of the sunrise on the horizon.
Tom Ford Ombre Leather perfume is a modern and very stylish leather perfume that has a sweet and bitter beginning of the combination of leather and amber with a weak smoky feeling and accompanied by a floral and slightly powdery scent of jasmine, which has a very attractive and fragrant combination with They also help. As the time passes, the leather scent becomes stronger and more defined and acquires a dirty and animal-like state. The middle and base scent of the perfume is a leathery, bitter, warm, sweet, floral and slightly powdery scent that is very attractive and unique. Tom Ford Ombre Leather has a long-lasting scent and is a very worthy choice for formal and even daily use in the fall and winter seasons.
Top note: Cardamom
Middle note: jasmine and leather
Final note: patchouli, amber and vetiver

Tom Ford Lost Cherry men's and women's perfume 

Tom Ford's Lost Cherry perfume is a jasmine-scented adventure, a different jasmine scent that reveals a double seduction, a reflection of sweetness-like vitality on the outside and a soulful instinct on the inside. The heart appears in waves of sour and sweet cherries. Cherry juice showcases the invigorating fruit infusion, while the stunning flowers of Turkish rose and jasmine penetrate the senses and soul. Peruvian balsam and cooked Tonka bean in the evaporation phase suggest a new image of an iconic symbol. When mixed with an unexpected combination of sandalwood, vetiver and cedar, it finally reaches dreamy levels - inspiring insatiability.
Top notes: cherry, almond
Middle note: cherry, rose, jasmine
End note: Tonka bean, white sandalwood, vetiver, Peruvian balsam, cedar

Lalique L'Amour women's vapo perfume

Lalique L'Amour perfume for women is a perfume with a jasmine scent. This perfume was released to the perfume and cologne market in 2013. It has a fruity scent with a slightly floral and fresh feeling. Lalique L'Amour is an enhanced and inflexible perfume for women with high self-confidence, women who are looking for risky choices, women who have the courage to say yes to this risk.

The combination of jasmine flower, woody floral and musk scent has a feeling of tropical forests in the fragrance with a fresh and moist feeling and balanced sweetness. A floral scent that has a touch of woody base with a musk theme. You can buy this vepo perfume which is named Amour lalice perfume from bayrock online shop. (Amour lalice) is a women's vapo perfume and is mostly liked by people aged 25 to 50. 
In this vapo perfume, elements such as orange extract, bergamot and rose are used in the top note, and in the heart note, ronassian, jasmine, and Maryam, and finally, musk, white sandalwood, and cedar, and has made a unique scent.