Best vapo perfumes with geranium scent
February 20, 2023

Best vapo perfumes with geranium scent

Geranium scent is one of the attractive perfume notes. Geranium continued to work its magic for centuries and is one of the most important raw materials in perfumery. Obtained by steam distillation of the leaves. geranium oil has a wide range of uses, ranging from body care products to high-end perfumes. 
Geranium essential oil has many of the same properties as rose essential oil. In addition, it is often confused with rose essential oil and is widely used due to its similar properties to rose, as it can be obtained at a much lower price. In the rest of this article, we are going to introduce some perfumes with the scent of geranium:

Luxury Shaik Opulent Shaik Classic No77 Perfume

Shaik Opulent Classic No. 77 - Shaik Opulent Classic No. 77 is a male and royal perfume with a scent of geranium, a warm and sweet nature. This vapo perfume was introduced to the perfume market in 2007. It has a sweet and fruity beginning, like the result of the combination of apple and lemon scents, with herbal sense and mild bitterness of lavender and patchouli.

When some minutes passes, the perfume becomes warmer and sweeter, and with the addition of cinnamon to the fruity and bitter composition of the perfume, the scent becomes spicy and peppery, which makes the scent more complex and serious.

Shaik Opulent Classic No. 77 is a new brand established in Bahrain in 2007. Sheik luxury brand is active in the fields of producing perfume and cologne, jewelry and fashion goods. Sheik colognes are an amazing combination of the best natural oils from French and Italian essences and Arabic colognes are in the glass bottles which are decorated with silver, gold, diamonds, sapphires and Swarovski gems.  

Top notes: normal lavender, lemon, bergamot, basil
Middle notes: cinnamon, apple, geranium, clove
Base notes: musk, patchouli, moss, 
Cedar, vanilla, lavender

Versace Pour Homme vapo perfume

Versace Pour Homme vapo perfume, is men's perfume with the scent of fragrant geranium and fern. It is suitable for the warm seasons of the year. The cool and gentle scent of this men's perfume is very exciting, attractive and pleasing to everyone. Its bottle is designed like a diamond, which is decorated with the relief of the head of the Greek myth Medusa. This vapo perfume shows the position of a strong, determined and enthusiastic man in today's society and the position in which a woman wants to see her man.
As soon as you first spray Versace Pour Homme perfume on your skin, on your pulse or on your clothes, you will smell lily and rose flowers and the scent of lemon and orange. This combination of bitter and sweet, with its contrast in its depth, pours positive energies towards you.

After some minutes, these notes will fade and middle notes can be smelled. The middle notes are composed of cypress wood, geranium and sea herbs. These notes give a special bitterness and coolness to your soul. After a long time, you will see the middle notes give their place to the final notes. The final notes are composed of Tonka bean, musk and amber.

VERCASE POUR HOMEE is the name of this perfume which is produced by Bayrock Company with high quality and affordable price. You can buy this perfume for you or those you love.

Initial note: rose - lemon - bergamot
Middle note: cedar - hyacinth - geranium
Base note: amber-musk

Versace Eros men's vapo perfume

Versace Eros is a spicy, cool and sweet vapo perfume with geranium fragrance for men that you can use all over the year. The name of this perfume is taken from the ancient heroes and gods of Greece and evokes the power and glory of that era. The spirit of ancient and medieval Greece can be well seen in this perfume, and the scent of very fresh citrus fruits in the beginning and forest trees in the rest, and more interestingly, the combination of cold and warm together will evoke the most beautiful memories for every person.

Eros was introduced by Versace in 2012 and brought with it a scent of aromatic herbs. Eros has been able to present a reliable four-season cologne with its long-lasting and good smell. Many think that this perfume is like Allure Homme Sport Extreme, a new Chanel product, and consider its scent is a reminder of Chanel's successful perfume.

VERSASE ERUS is the name of this perfume which is produced by Bayrock Company with high quality and affordable price. You can buy this perfume for you or those you love and tell us your suggestions in comment section.

Top notes: lemon, green apple and mint
Middle note: amber, geranium and Tonka bean
End note: Atlas cedar wood, Virginia cedar wood, Moss oak moss, Vetiver grass.

Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani men's vapo perfume

Aqua Di gio is a perfume with geranium, cool, spicy and bitter scent.  Aqua Di gio perfume was introduced to the world in 2020. "Aqua di Gio is considered a marine and powerful type of Aqua di Gio. This product, which is more than a perfume, has a deep and enchanting scent, it is a modern and sensual men's fragrance that contains a sense of freedom that shows a much deeper dimension.

Master perfumer Morillas has used marine accords as the primary accords in the composition of this new product. These are the iconic marine notes of Aqua Di gio perfume, modernized with Ecozone, while its freshness comes from a combination of bergamot and Brazilian green mandarin. A great mixture of aromatic essences has made this perfume unique.

Aqua Di gio perfume is combination of extracts of rosemary, hyacinth, cypress and mastic tree, with modern mineral amber, which reflects the salty scent of the deep sea with the scent of Guatemalan patchouli and the smell of musk.

AQUA D GIU is the name of this perfume which is produced by Bayrock Company with high quality and affordable price. You can buy this perfume for you or those you love and tell us your suggestions in comment section. 

Top note: orange and oceanic notes
Middle note: sage, rosemary and geranium
Final note: patchouli and oud

Tom Ford Noir men's vapo perfume - Tom Ford Noir

in producing the geranium scent of this product, a different and special essence of natural musk is used, which has its dominant smell. The different and special essence of this product is natural musk, which is called civet cat musk.

The civet cat secretes a fragrant and musk-like oily substance from its glands, which forms the main essence of this cologne. Its magical, memorable and delicate scent made this perfume suitable for formal events and especially for cold days of the year.

In its olfactory path, who wears this perfume at first can smell a mixture of spices such as black cumin and pink pepper along with lemon zest, violet and bergamot, and a little later, nutmeg, pepper along with weak pulses of lily flowers and geranium.

And the rose continues and at the end of the path with the dominant smell of animal musk that lingers with very weak beats of liquid amber, vetiver, patchouli and vanilla.

Top notes: orange, royal flower, black cumin, pink pepper and violet flower
Middle notes: black pepper, nutmeg, geranium, Bulgarian rose, sage and iris
Base notes: amber, patchouli, vetiver, civet, vanilla, leather, benzoin gum and styrax wood.

Men's vapo perfume Jaguar Classic Black - Jaguar Classic Black

In 2009, Jaguar introduced its new perfume with the scent of geranium. This new Jaguar is called "Classic Black". The design and formulation of this perfume was done by Dominique Preysass. This perfume was released on the market with a cool and bitter scent of woody notes, oak, bitter orange, green apple and sea water, as well as a classic and extremely strong style for the warm seasons of the year.

The door and frame of the bottle will dazzle you. The black color of the bottle gives it a strange weight and contrast. The name Classic is derived from its classic and simple design. With Considering the reasonable and not too high price of this eau de toilette, you can give this perfume as a gift to make your father, husband or a friend.

Top notes: apple, mandarin orange and orange
Middle notes: sea water, geranium, cardamom, nutmeg and tea
End note: cedar wood, moss oak, musk, vetiver grass, tonka bean and sandalwood.

Dior Sauvage men's vapo perfume

Dior Savage is the original fragrance suitable for men, with an eau de toilette concentration and a volume of 100 ml, with a geranium scent, which was launched by the Dior brand in 2015. Dior Sauvage cologne has a completely cool character and a bitter scent, and its fragrance structure consists of fresh spice, amber, aromatic, citrus, warm spice and musk scent groups.

Savage Dior's spicy and calm scent creates an interesting contradiction for one. The primary essence of this perfume is bergamot and pepper, the middle essence is patchouli, lavender, vetiver, geranium, pink pepper and Sichuan pepper, and the base essence is cedar labdanum ambroxan.

Dior Sauvage men's perfume is a royal perfume with a mild and bitter scent that makes this perfume very attractive and desirable. SAVAGEE is the name of this perfume which is produced by Bayrock Company with high quality and affordable price. You can buy this perfume for you or those you love and tell us your suggestions in comment section.

Top note: black pepper and orange
Middle note: Sichuan pepper, lavender, geranium, gum, pink pepper, vetiver and patchouli.
Final note: cedar wood, lavender and amber

Chanel Coco Noir vapo perfume - Chanel Coco Noir

Chanel Coco Noir Eau de Parfum for women was introduced to the world perfume market in 2012 with an attractive geranium scent. Chanel Coco Noir perfume is actually a combination of old and new Coco Chanel perfume. This is the reason why all modern and original women love this perfume.

This attractive universal product has a seductive and delicate scent. It also has a long-lasting and unique fragrance. The high quality of this perfume with the scent of geranium has made everyone fascinated by its scent.

Chanel Black vapo perfume was designed and created by Jacques Peleg and Christopher Sheldrick. The first product of this group, Coco Chanel in 1984, captivated everyone with its extraordinary combination, and then in 2001, Coco Mademoiselle perfume was able to introduce itself as the best women's perfume in the world for 3 consecutive years. 

Today, Coco Noir is in the early The days of production and introduction, i.e. the end of summer 2012, neutralized all the records and efforts of other perfume brands in the world and sat on the throne of power as the best perfume in the world in 2012.

Top notes: grapefruit and orange
Middle notes: jasmine, rose, narcissus and geranium
Base notes: tonka bean, patchouli, white sandalwood, vanilla and musk