Carolina Herrera, the most famous brand in fragrance
September 17, 2022

Carolina Herrera, the most famous brand in fragrance

The history of Carolina Herrera's brand and her famous perfume, Good Girl

Ms. Carolina Herrera is originally an American fashion designer born in Venezuela. She is known for her efforts.

Before she became a designer, she was known as one of the best-dressed women in the world.

It can be said that the design of this expert designer's clothes, just like the perfumes she has produced under her brand, benefit from the philosophical, classic, and stylish properties.

Maria Carolina Josefina Pacanins y Nino was born on January 8, 1939 in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

Her father, Mr. Guillermo Pacanins Acevedo, was an Air Force officer and former governor of Caracas, and Carolina Herrera's mother's name was Mrs. Maria Cristina Nini Passions.

Carolina was one of four daughters in a family that, as a nobleman and a survivor of the royal family, traces its roots back to the 16th century.

Family life of the young girl

When Carolina was a young girl, her mother and grandmother introduced her to the world of fashion and clothing. They took the young girl with them on their trips to beautiful Paris.

They planned to buy clothes from brands such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Dior, and they wanted to introduce her to this fascinating and vibrant world of fashion and stir up enthusiasm in Carolina for the world of fashion and clothing.

Carolina Herrera said: My eyes were always used to seeing the best and most beautiful products.

Carolina Herrera's home environment was special. Their house had a lady manager, the furniture used, and the yard and house were all luxury and expensive goods. However, this expensive house benefits from a particular order.

The family's mother had a strange insistence on doing things correctly, and her 4 daughters were always invited by their mother to improve in all aspects of life and take care of their appearance.

They were expected to have a specific order in their lives in addition to using their intelligence and senses as much as possible.

It was in this special home and atmosphere that Carolina Herrera learned to become a professional horse rider and always had a great and strange desire to learn more and study.

An unsuccessful start

At 18, Carolina was encouraged by her parents to marry a young man from a wealthy Venezuelan family. This marriage resulted in two daughters, which finally ended after a few years.

Carolina was the first person in their family to get divorced. With her two daughters, she returned to her father's home and worked as a fashion journalist for Emilio Pucci in Caracas.

At this time, she reconnected with one of her childhood friends. This person was Reinaldo Herrera, who was also considered a person from the royal family.

Rinaldo was the presenter of one of the TV programs called Buenos Dias, which means "good morning".

Combining love and art

This program was a morning TV news broadcast on the domestic network of Venezuela. Carolina and Herrera got married in 1968. At the wedding ceremony, she wore the dress she designed.

This marriage resulted in two daughters, and they moved to their family state, La Vega, for a better life.

This couple, just like any other royal family, went on countless trips, where they expanded the range of their friends and acquaintances, and they made their field of work bigger and bigger.

During these trips and world visits, Carolina saw her name among the best international designers.

In 1980, she moved to New York City with her family. She was now 40 years old and felt the urgent need to start a more professional career, given her brilliant background and experience in the business.

Her New York friend, Vreeland magazine editor and fashion journalist Rudi Crespi encouraged her to get into fashion design seriously.

Of course, Carolina's husband and mother-in-law were not very enthusiastic about this move due to her lack of experience in the field of business and trade.

But Carolina Herrera was not disappointed and developed her mental plan for the path of her goals.

 The beginning of an empire

The first thing she did was to bring to New York 20 women's dresses made by Carolina's exclusive designers in Caracas, Venezuela. She held a small fashion show in her apartment.

Soon, buyers from the best stores in New York City became familiar with this event and demanded to own her entire small production line after visiting her designs.

That's right, they were the big starting point for Carolina. But then, she didn't have any factory, production line, or means to have a complete fashion production line.

Fortunately, in Caracas, she met a significant investor named Armando de Armas, who just a few months later got his design space and fashion room on New York's 7th Street.

Her first collection, shown in 1981 at Metropolization Club, attracted optimistic comments.

In the third millennium, Ms. Carolina Herrera's brand has reached such success and fame that many prominent actors in the world and Hollywood buy their clothes from this brand.

Even this brand has produced and designed clothes used in the movies Twilight and Breaking Dawn and for the role of Bella Swan.

Carolina Herrera's perfume

Regarding the fragrances and perfumes produced by the Carolina Herrera brand, it should be said that the first perfume of this company was unveiled and released in 1988. A perfume that was made mostly based on the scent of jasmine flowers.

It is interesting to know that, in the design of this attractive perfume for women, the scent of flower branches was used, which were there in Carolina's childhood, behind the window of her room in Venezuela.

Also, the amber and sandalwood scents were used besides the accords of jasmineIn July 2016, the Carolina Herrera brand launched a new women's fragrance.

A perfume that we can consider Herrera's biggest launch after 14 years. This attractive fragrance, Good Girl, was introduced by American model Karlie Kloss as an actress in the advertising campaign.