Creed Aventus vapoperfume, a fantastic scent
September 17, 2022

Creed Aventus vapoperfume, a fantastic scent

Everything about Creed Aventus vapoperfume

Have you ever thought, "what scent has outraged the world?"

Be sure that Creed Aventus vapoperfume is the scent that has made a huge revolution in the selection of essences and scents, and every discerning gentleman will choose that.

History of Creed Aventus perfume

The history of Creed Aventus perfume and the beginning of the activity of this famous brand goes back to 1760, which is about 260 years ago.

The founder of this brand was James Henry Creed, who started his activity by creating the Creed brand in the city of London and a shop called House Creed, which soon became famous and was noticed by the elders and famous people.

Queen Victoria and the royal court of England were among the first important people attracted to this brand and supported it.

After a short time, the Creed brand took on the task of supplying perfume and cologne to the British court, and this important responsibility was a great success for this brand and played an essential role in its recognition at the global level.

After that, other famous people, such as Queen Eugene of the French royal court, Queen Christina of the Spanish court, Napoleon III, and Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, supported this brand and became its regular customers.

This issue and the reputation among the royal family caused the Creed brand to establish its second branch in France in 1854 with the support and help of Queen Elizabeth.

After the opening of the second branch, the Creed brand became better known worldwide and attracted more people's attention.

This large and reliable company continues to be famous and popular among the people of the world and offers unique products so far. But Creed Aventus perfume was created in 2010 based on the love story of Napoleon Bonaparte.

This perfume means "success" and is somehow related to Napoleon.

What are the ingredients of Bay Rock Creed Aventus vapoperfume?

The composition of Bay Rock Creed Aventus vapoperfume is made from the aroma of various fruits such as bergamot, apple, black gooseberry, and pineapple. 

These fruits have a sweet and cool aroma and are included in the fruity and Mediterranean fragrance group.

Of course, the wood of trees such as sycamore, Indian mint, jasmine, and rose is also used in the composition of this perfume.

All these compounds together have created the attractive Creed Aventus vapoperfume, which has a long shelf life and is suitable for all tastes.

Creed Aventus vapoperfume types

Creed Aventus vapoperfume was created in 2010 and was noticed by a wide range of Creed enthusiasts.

This long-lasting and popular cologne was created on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Creed brand, which was first launched as a men's fragrance.

After the wide acceptance of this perfume, in 2016, its women's fragrance was also launched.

The women's version of Creed Aventus was greatly received and noticed by women, and the unveiling of this fragrance multiplied the popularity of the Creed brand, which is considered one of the great successes of this brand.

Bay Rock Creed Aventus vapoperfume for women

Bay Rock's Creed Aventus vapoperfume for women is a perfume with a sweet and long-lasting scent that is particularly popular among women.

Aventus women's cologne named Creed Aventus for Her was launched in 2016 after the popularity of the men's Creed Aventus cologne.

This perfume has a fresh and delicate scent that perfectly matches the spirit and elegance of women, and its glass is also golden in color.

Creed Aventus Bay Rock vapoperfume for men

Bay Rock's Creed Aventus vapoperfume for men is easily recognizable from its packaging and pungent scent compared to its fake samples.

This Vapoperfume has a cool yet mild scent that is not sharp and becomes milder after a while.

Creed Aventus original perfume specifications

Unfortunately, many fake products in the market are sold under the name of the original Creed Aventus vapoperfume.

But if you pay attention to some important factors when buying, you can easily recognize the original perfume from a fake one.

But the most apparent feature of the original Creed Aventus is its high durability, which usually stays on the clothes for one to three days, and even after washing the clothes, a little scent can be smelled.

But when buying, you cannot use this characteristic to recognize the authenticity of this vapoperfume and you have to look for other factors.

How to identify the authenticity of Creed Aventus Perfume

There are different ways to recognize the authenticity of this perfume, and by keeping them in mind, you can quickly distinguish the original Creed Aventus perfume from a fake one:

Attention to packaging: The original Creed Aventus vapoperfume box is tightly sealed with nylon. So if the nylon or plastic on the box is dirty or loose, it is most likely a fake perfume.

Adhesives around the box and its quality: If you see a lot of adhesives around the perfume box, inside or outside, or if the box is made of low-quality cardboard and the perfume compartment is not exactly the size, then the desired perfume is probably fake.

Attention to the perfume bottle: The original perfume bottle is completely smooth and polished, and its writing is clear and legible. Counterfeit perfume bottles are usually cloudy and uneven.

Perfume barcode: Paying attention to the perfume barcode is the best way to distinguish original perfume from counterfeit. The bar code of the original perfume is located under the box and shows its time and place of production.

Creed Aventus vapoperfume types

The scent of this perfume is a combination of several fruits, flowers, and woods, all of which together form a different and popular scent of Creed Aventus Bay Rock vapo perfume.

  • The fragrance of Creed Aventus perfume for women

Top notes: patchouli, orange, green apple, lemon, violet flower, and pink pepper

Middle note: rose, musk, and sandalwood

Base notes: blackcurrant, peach, ylang-ylang, and amber

  • The fragrance of Creed Aventus perfume for men

Top notes: bergamot, pineapple, black currant, apple

Middle notes: rose, jasmine, sycamore wood, patchouli

Base notes: vanilla, oak moss, amber, musk