Everything About Vivarium Vapo Perfume
January 07, 2023

Everything About Vivarium Vapo Perfume

Vivarium vapo perfume from Bayrock is like Victoria's Secret bombshell, which Victoria's Secret famous brand launched and has a fantastic scent. Mark Kwiatkowski, and Adriana Mediana, produce this perfume. Vivarium vapo perfume is placed in the category of floral and fruity aromas.

The vivarium vapo perfume scent

Among the essential oils used in this perfume that is produced by bayrock company, we can mention orange, grapefruit, strawberry, pineapple, hourglass fruit, jasmine, snow flower, peony, orchid, red seeds, musk, oak tree moss and wood scent. vapo perfume vivarium smells like Victoria's Secret which is Produced by Mark Knitkowski, Adriana Median with fantastic aroma. this vapo perfume is in floral fragrance group.

This feminine vapo perfume's top note scent is Oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, pineapples, and hourglass fruit. heart note scent: Jasmine, snow flower, centaury flower, orchid, red seeds. Base note scent: Musk, oak moss, woody notes.

Bomb Shell Victoria's Secret vapo perfume for women who always want to be noticed

In fact, for women who want to be attractive, " bomb  Shell vapo perfume" is the best choice. This product is for women who want to attract everyone's attention and be unique and beautiful. If it is enough for someone to use this seductive perfume at a party, then you will see that everyone is involuntarily attracted to her and wants to be with her.

It is a vapo perfume with the scent of exquisite flowers and fruits and is specially designed for women looking for a unique charm in their social relationships!

Victoria's Secret shell bomb fragrance

Victoria's Secret Bomb Shell is a very modern and refreshing perfume. With an attractive and fruity aroma. Which includes bitter, cool and herbal odor groups at the same time. This vapo perfume's calm and sweet scent is mainly obtained from passion fruit, peony and grapefruit in its ingredients.

At first, after spraying this vapo perfume, you will smell the sour, sweet, refreshing and energizing scent of wild berry. After a while, the lavender gets a little stronger. And then, the presence of lavender gives a floral, herbal and slightly bitter feeling to Shell Bomb.

A smell that induces a good feeling of relaxation. It also adds a pleasant bitter note of wood to the fragrance. At the same time, a gentle scent of forest wood can be smelled. Victoria's Secret Shell Bomb has good fragrance distribution and longevity. It is highly recommended to use this perfume in spring, summer and autumn.

Introducing the famous brand of Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is the top brand which offers women's underwear, accessories and cosmetic products, including perfume, which was established in 1977. This brand has been the organizer of the most famous fashion shows in the last two decades, with a collection of its best models in the form of VICTORIA SECRET'S ANGEL, which has millions of audiences around the world. The American Victoria's Secret brand uses supermodels, famous in fashion and clothing, modeling and photo shooting. Therefore, reaching this stage is a dream for those interested in working in the women's fashion industry.

Victoria's Secret Bombshell for women

Victoria's Secret Bombshell for women is one of the relatively expensive but refreshing perfumes of Victoria's Secret, which women have welcomed worldwide. This romantic perfume was launched in 2010 and is one of the best sellers of this brand. Its bottle is also in an attractive pink glass style.

Victoria's Secret Pink Bombshell has one of the most attractive designs of this brand's perfume products, which is a highly tempting option as a gift.

Vivarium vapo perfume produced by BAYROCK

Vivarium  vapo perfume, produced by Bayrock Company, has features similar to VICTORIA'S SECRET BOMBSHELL perfume. This high-quality product has a beautiful  bottle and fruity scent. This 100ml  vapo perfume with a high concentration of perfume essence is placed in the Floral fruity fragrance group, which is available in bayrock web site, and is a good choice for all modern women on cold days of the year.

The initial note of Bayrocks VIVARIUM vapo perfume consists of tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, and strawberry. This fragrant and juicy combination gives way to an attractive mix of spring flowers such as jasmine, peony, orchid, and snow flowers in the heart note. The beautiful base note of this perfume is made up of musk, woody scents and oak moss, which creates a high and long-lasting scent for this vapo perfume.