General characteristics of Upper men's vapo perfume from bayrock brand
January 20, 2023

General characteristics of Upper men's vapo perfume from bayrock brand

Upper vapo perfume from bayrock brand, which is a thick, sensual and modern perfume with a unique warm, masculine and soft scent, this perfume has magical attractions that tempts everyone with its unique smell. Pure and special contrasts make up the basic principles of Upper vapo perfume from bayrock brand: the contrast between traditional and innovative structures, between thick and soft scents, between refreshing and sensuality, which has finally created a magical and wonderful fragrance for men.

The scent of mint as a symbol of strength and the scent of lavender as a symbol of traditional perfumes are present in Upper. The scent of vanilla also gives a special warmth and softness to this vapo perfume. The top notes of Upper from bayrock brand are mint, lavender and bergamot, and the heart notes are cinnamon, cumin and orange blossom. In the base notes, we reach the aromas of vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and cedar. Upper vapo perfume is inspired by the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male fragrance and made by Bayrock Company.

Upper captures a good masculine and captivating power that comes from the magical elixir of mint and citrus, which has been able to create a special and supernatural scent and create a sense of tenderness, beauty and love along with strength and firmness. This fragrance also has a provocative feeling.

Features of Upper men's perfume from bayrock brand

Upper men's vapo perfume has excellent longevity and is a mixture of the following compounds:

Initial aroma: bergamot, lavender, mint, cardamom, herb

Heart notes: cinnamon, cumin, orange blossom

Base notes: Tonka bean, amber, vanilla, cedar, white sandalwood.

Upper vapo perfume is suitable for men. This warm and spicy perfume belongs to the group of oriental scents and is suitable for use in the cold seasons of the year.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male vapo perfume review

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male perfume has been with us since 1995 and is considered one of the most popular men's fragrances of the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume company.

The Jean Paul Gaultier brand is originally an American perfume and cologne company. This perfume and cologne manufacturer has so far introduced more than 80 perfumes and colognes under the Jean Paul Gaultier brand to the perfume and cologne market. The Jean Paul Gaultier Company started working in 1976 and entered the perfume and cologne market in 1993. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male perfume was created in 1995 by Francis Kurkdjian.

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier released his first collection in 1976. He did not have any formal training, but at a young age, he sent his designs to some of the most prestigious brands. Pierre Cardin and Jean Patou were the only ones who recognized his talent and helped him start his business.

Activists of this industry gave him the nickname "fashion kid". In the 1980s, he designed the first skirt for men, and in the 1990s, he produced women's underwear, which Madonna used.

Jean Paul Gaultier perfume In 1993, he produced and launched his first perfume, Paul Gaultier EDP for women, on the perfume and cologne market, later the name of this perfume was changed to Classique. Most of Gaultier's perfumes and colognes have a special combination and a strange and unique packaging. Gaultier produces his perfumes together with the Beaute Prestige International perfumery company.

Buy Upper vapo perfume, modern and unique

Upper vapo perfume is a vapo perfume with a warm and spicy scent. This perfume is described as completely masculine. The famous and popular Upper perfume has attracted the opinion of many perfume lovers.

Upper is a strong and sensual trail that it leaves behind, in one word it is a manifestation of power and charm. This vapo perfume from the Bayrock brand is smell of boldness and courage of zealous men. These people cross borders and limitations to live freely and are a perfect role model.

Upper vapo perfume has an effective and dominant scent composed of lavender, vanilla, and mint. The freshness of mint is used in Upper men's vapo perfume to give you a pleasant feeling. Vanilla is used to make your moments sweeter. In the end, lavender makes you more attractive and calm with its very relaxing effect. The presence of lavender in this cologne gave it a soapy feel.

The strength and fragrance of this perfume is much higher than average. Its appearance design is simple and classic in black, which gives it a masculine appeal. Use Upper men's vapo perfume in the cold seasons of the year to add extra warmth and charm to your personality.

If you are a fan of special and popular perfumes from bayrock brand, we suggest you buy Upper vapo perfume from bayrock online store. We guarantee you the quality of bayrock products and get your satisfaction.