How to choose a right perfume for university or workplace
February 18, 2023

How to choose a right perfume for university or workplace

Have you ever thought that a perfume for college or work should be different from the one you wear for a prom, wedding, etc.? If you still know this difference and use each scent in its right place, we should congratulate you on this matter; You are a very stylish and attractive person, but if you don't know the difference between a perfume for university or work and a perfume for party you are not alone, don't worry, we are going to discuss about the issue in this article.

Choosing a right perfume for university or workplace is very important. Student boys and girls are more sensitive in choosing their personal accessories depending on their circumstances. They must be up-to-date and always stylish and even stylish.

The first point in choosing a perfume for university or workplace should be noted that the perfume suitable for these places is with a mild scent. Bitter, hot and spicy perfumes are not a good choice for these places; but what is the cause? To answer this question, we must say that from others sight,

in the first encounter, a person who uses perfumes with strong spicy, bitter, hot scents, looks harsh and inflexible. Therefore, they cannot establish a good relationship with this person. Exactly what we are definitely not looking for in these places!

Important perfume tips for university or workplace

The second point in using perfume for university or workplace is to use enough perfume; In other words, never spray too much perfume or cologne on your clothes or skin! Although using a perfume is pleasant for you, it gives a sense of suffocation to the people around you! Even if the scent is mild. We all have different tastes and preferences, which is why using as much as one perfume is actually a matter of respect.

Another point in choosing a perfume for university or workplace is its cost and price. Always be careful not to be fooled by the cheapness of perfume and cologne, because the perfume that is bought at a cheap price will not last long, and the quality of its smell is not as pleasant as expected.

Of course, there are perfumes with a good price and good quality, I mean neither a cheap perfume and nor unreasonable one, you can find a good quality fragrance with high durability, in reasonable price. In this article, we will introduce some perfumes which are Suitable for university or workplace:

Miss Dior vapo perfume Absolutely Blooming

Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Toilette has a soft scent that makes it perfect for college. Dior Absolutely Blooming perfume is a feminine perfume. Attar Dior Absolutely Blooming Francois is a fragrance that was introduced to the market by the Dior Company in 2012.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a very elegant and charming perfume that has a semi-fresh and fruity start from the combination of raspberry and pomegranate, accompanied by the balanced sweetness of musk, which has a spicy and peppery scent of pink pepper and a faint scent of roses can also be felt next to them. The scents that we will smell this perfume notes in the following order: 
Initial note: raspberry, pomegranate, black currant, pink pepper
Middle notes: rose, peony
Base note: Musk

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme perfume

Chanel Home Sport Extreme Allure cologne is a men's fragrance with a mild scent that has made it a university perfume. This perfume was released to the perfume and cologne market in 2012. The Allure Homme family from the famous and royal brand Chanel launched its first product in 1999, and this time in 2012.

 another version of the Allure Homme fragrance series called Extreme was released to the world market to prove to everyone that The passage of time will not change anything, and the quality, durability and popularity will bring the place of growth and prosperity for this brand with the production of newer and more lasting perfumes and with a higher and better smell distribution. 

Top notes: cedar, salvia, mint, mandarin
Middle notes: pepper
Base notes: Tonka bean, white sandalwood, musk, cedar

Mon Paris women vapo perfume

If you want a Vapo Perfume that is appropriate for all seasons of the year, we can introduce Mon Paris to you; Of course, the scent of the fruit elements used in it is the best thing for your soul and dreams for the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Mon Paris being placed in the Mediterranean fragrance group, in addition to exhilarating your soul and dreams, also penetrates deep into the lives of those around you. The dominant scent of Mon Paris is strawberry and pear and its freshness and softness are wonderful.

Mon Paris is the best choice If you want to attract your beloved and give him peace with the wonderful and professional combinations of vanilla, raspberry, peony, jasmine, patchouli, and ambroxan. 
Mon Paris is one of the perfumes with a soft smelling style, which makes it suitable for university or workplace.

Mon Paris women's vapo perfume with a soft and sweet scent and like soft silk is suitable for use in all seasons of the year. This product has been placed in the category of aromatic flowers and fruits. The container of this perfume is designed like the previous women's versions, but this product draws the viewer's attention more with its pink liquid.

The main accords of this women's perfume include floral, fruity, citrus, powdery, sweet and fresh spice accords.  Among the essential oils used in this perfume, we can mention grapefruit, jasmine, peony, musk, amber, cedar, and patchouli.
First note: Grapefruit
Heart note: jasmine hyacinth
Base note: musk, amber and patchouli.

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Dior Addict Eau Fraiche women's perfume

 Dior Addict EDT is a mild perfume for university or workplace. This perfume was launched in 2014. Eau de Toilette Dior Edict is another seductive and attractive version of the very popular Edict collection of the Dior company, which was created by François Demachy. Dior Edict is a women's perfume designed for special, well-dressed and fashionable women.
This perfume has a sweet aroma and the notes used in it are mainly flowers. Dior Edict Eau de Parfum was launched in 2002, and 10 years later, in 2012, its newer version was released, and finally, in 2014, its last version was released.

The difference between Eau de Toilette and Dior Addict Eau de Parfum is in their packaging and of course the color of their glass. Another difference between these two versions is that Edict Eau de Parfum is a warm fragrance and Eau De Toilette is a mild and cool fragrance.

Features of Dior Addict Eau Fraiche perfume
Edict perfume is always one of the choices of stylish and well-dressed women for use in night parties due to its elegant and expensive smell. It was first launched in 2014 and has been introduced as a feminine and very attractive and stylish perfume.

One of the characteristics of this perfume is its very attractive scent and cool nature, and it is placed in the category of oriental floral perfumes. The ingredients used in this perfume include mandarin orange, spring orange, jasmine, vanilla, and white sandalwood.

In 2014, the famous French brand "Dior" redesigned Addict women's eau de toilette. This new fragrance is called "Addict Eau Fraiche". Addict Eau Fraiche is a milder version of the famous Addict and has a cool smell. It is recommended to use this perfume in spring and summer

Top note: Calabrian bergamot
Heart note: freesia flower, snow flower
Final note: white musk

Men's perfume Casamorati MEFISTO - Casamorati MEFISTO

 Casamorati Mefisto - Xerjoff men's cologne perfume has a mild scent and is considered a perfume for university or workplace, which has finally turned Casamorati Mefisto - Xerjoff men's vapo perfume into a classic perfume that can be used at any time and place.

Some critics consider the scent of this product to be similar to Creed Silver Mountain men's cologne. Casamorati Mefisto - Xerjoff is a product with a citrus scent that was designed and introduced to the perfume world in 2009.

This men's product with a cool and woody scent is suitable for use in the first half of the year. One of the distinctive features of Casamorati Mefisto - Xerjoff men's perfume is the wonderful design of the flanker of this perfume in such a way that it draws the viewer's eyes to it at the first glance and attracts attention.

Top notes: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot.
Middle note: lily, lavender, rose.
End note: cedar, sandalwood, amber, musk.

Sospiro Perfumes Accento women's perfume - Sospiro Perfumes Accento

 Sospiro Accento perfume is a mild perfume and the perfume is suitable for university. This perfume was released to the perfume and cologne market in 2011. Sospiro Accento perfume is a feminine and special perfume. Enjoy the creative and addictive composition of Accento perfume from Suspiro brand. Spray this perfume to feel a splash of fragrance that quickly surrounds you.

You can wear this perfume to impress the people around you. Accento perfume has a mild pineapple and hyacinth scent in the first note of its olfactory pyramid, in the middle note it reaches the scent of lily and jasmine, and you can also feel the spicy scent of Brazilian pepper, and at the end you will smell the scent of Indian mint and Amber.

Mugler Womanish vapo perfume

Mugler Womanish - Mugler Womanish is a soft, university-appropriate fragrance that was born from the creative ideas of Mane and Alexis Dadier. This perfume attracts the attention of every lady with its mild, sweet and special scent, and it is very amazing with its pink bottle and special design. Its scent is mostly the result of caviar, figs and hair leaves in its composition, which is available as an Eau de Parfum and is more lasting, stronger, heavier and thicker than the toilet version.
Top note: fig leaf
Middle note: black fig
Final note: caviar and fig tree

Versace Pour Homme

Versace (Versace) is a perfume for university or workplace, which makes it suitable for all seasons of the year. Versace Pour Homme vapo perfume is a masculine and stimulating fragrance. Perfumer of is this perfume released it to the perfume market by Versace brand in 2008.

This men's vapo perfume is suitable for the hot seasons with its aromatic scent, but, the excellent scent of this perfume and its elegant design have made this perfume popular and it's loved by people that they spray this perfume in all four seasons.  

Bayrock has produced this vapo perfume with the name of Vercase pour home. You can buy this amazing perfume from bayrock online shop. One of the advantages of the Bayrock Versase pour home cologne 35 ml is that you can carry it with you everywhere, so that whenever you need to sparkle at a party, spraying a few sips will please you and those around you.

You can smell the following scents from Vercase pour homee notes: 
Top notes: rose, lemon, bergamot
Middle notes: cedar - hyacinth - geranium
Final scent: amber-musk
Temperament: cool and sweet
Main scent: Fragrant fern species

Paco Raban One Million

some men always use woody and spicy fragrances with endless enthusiasm. Perfume for university or workplace Paco Raban One Million, which has a very high fragrance distribution and durability, is one of the special men's perfumes that can be used in all seasons. A first look at the notes of this perfume will show you what an energetic, exciting and timeless fragrance you are facing.

The opening notes are red mandarin, grapefruit and mint, and the middle notes are cinnamon, rose and spices. The final notes are composed of amber, leather, wood notes and patchouli. With Paco Raban One Million perfume, you give a fresh and attractive effect to your masculinity.

Blue De Chanel vapo perfume

Chanel Blue is a perfume for university or workplace, which makes it suitable for all seasons of the year. Chanel Blue Four Seasons perfume is a men's perfume. Chanel Blue Jacques Polje perfume was introduced by Chanel Company in 2010. Blue du Chanel with its oriental and woody mood is used for warm and moderate days of the year; but this does not mean that you cannot use Blue du Chanel in the winter season.
If you look carefully at the bottle of strong male Chanel perfume, you will see the name Bleu de Chanel printed in bright color on the dark glass of this Chanel. Under these large writings, you will see Eau de Parfum. This article is considered to be the distinguishing feature of Blue de Chanel Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette bottles together. You can buy this fragrance with the name of blue de chanell from bayrock perfume online shop with high quality and reasonable price.

The scents of this perfume include the following notes: 
Top notes: Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Mint, Nutmeg, and Pink Pepper
Heart notes: Jasmine, Ginger, Cedar and Vetiver.
Base notes: Labdanum resin, Olibanum resin, Patchouli tree, Sandalwood
Temperament: cool and bitter
Main scent: fragrant wood