How to choose and buy the most suitable perfume for women
January 26, 2023

How to choose and buy the most suitable perfume for women

If you are stuck in choosing the most suitable vapo perfume for women, despite the different types of  vapo perfumes, don't worry. We have an interesting solution for you! Just choose according to the morals of that lady. You may be interested to know that different scents represent different morals.

The sense of smell is one of the senses that creates different emotions in people. For this reason, people unconsciously choose different vapo perfumes according to their moods and interests. New researches has shown that the effects of different scents on the human brain have been proven.

And aromatherapy is used in various fields. By knowing the types of perfumes and matching them with the desired person's characteristics, we can make a satisfactory choice. The main categories of fragrances suitable for women Most of the vapo perfumes produced for women can be classified into the following 6 main groups:

  1. cold scent
  2. Fruity scent
  3. Floral scent
  4. Oriental scent
  5. Woody scent
  6. Edible

Within each of these main groups, several subgroups can also be found. But these subgroups are not very different from each other. For this reason, it is better for beginners to limit themselves to these 6 main groups.Join us to know the scents and choose the most suitable women's vapo perfume:

1- cold perfumes

Such vapo perfumes usually smell of cleanliness, youth and energy. The essence of such vapo perfumes brings the smell of the oceans to life in the mind. In the name of such perfumes, the name "water", "ice", "rain", or "cool" is often used.

And they are usually kept in blue jars and their packaging boxes are also chosen in blue color. The family of such vapo perfumes is recommended for active and sports-loving women. Among the types of cold perfumes suitable for women. Aqua d gio and Renewal are the cool perfumes that you can buy from bayrock.

2- Fruity perfumes

The scent of this type of perfume is similar to the scent of cool perfumes in its softness and energy, with the difference that a little sweetness is also felt in it. The main ingredient of such perfumes usually includes citrus scents such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Of course, some types of perfumes in this group smell like apples, grapes, cherries, peaches, and raspberries. Lovers of fruity fragrances are capricious and like spring rain, their reactions and behavior cannot be predicted. Women who like this type of scent are usually optimistic and good-natured, and can easily communicate with others.
S femme women's vapo perfume and Amour Lalice perfume are examples of women's fruity perfumes that you can buy from bayrock store.

3- Floral perfumes

You can easily recognize the smell of such perfumes. The smell of one or two flowers can be easily recognized in them. The main essence of this type of perfume contains the scent of different flowers such as: rose, jasmine, and Maryam. Such perfumes are for romantic women with a feminine spirit. Most women have a special interest in this type of perfume and it can be said that this group is one of the most popular perfumes chosen by women. Euphoria perfume is floral fragrant vapo perfume you can buy from bay rock online perfume shop.

4- Oriental perfumes

such perfumes have a warm, spicy and aromatic scent. The main ingredient of these perfumes smells of cinnamon and amber. These kinds of perfumes are usually chosen by women who are very warm and social at the same time, they are charming, they have a desire to show off and they don't mind being the center of attention.
Good girl perfume is a good choice for oriental perfumes. You can buy this perfume from bayrock perfume online shop.

5- Woody perfumes

these perfumes have a spicy smell like oriental perfumes, but they are a bit softer, more pleasant and more established. The essence of these perfumes includes the scent of wood, moss, sandalwood, cedar, and mint. Perfumes in this group can often be used by both men and women. Women who tend to wear woody fragrances are
Generally lively, free-spirited, and earthy.
In choosing the most suitable perfume for women with a woody scent, MET perfume can be mentioned. You can buy this perfume from bay rock online shop.

6- Edible perfumes

such vapo perfumes smell like food. This group is less old than other groups. And it has only been on the market for a few years. The main scent of these perfumes contains the aroma of chocolate and vanilla. Such perfumes are usually recommended for warm-blooded, kind and family-friendly women.
The relationship between skin color and choosing the right perfume for women:
There is a tip about different skin colors and their appropriate fragrance. It should be noted that if you have fair skin, it is better to use perfumes with floral scents. Cool, bitter and sour smells are suitable for you. But perfumes with an oriental scent are more suitable for women with Brunette skin. Perfumes with warm and sweet smells.

And finally

brief tips for choosing the most suitable perfume for women as a gift:

If aperson is kind and humorous, sweet vapo perfume is a good perfume to give her. If she has high self-confidence, we suggest you to buy spicy vapo perfume. And if he has a strong motivation to do things, bitter perfume can be a popular vapo perfume for her. Bayrock vapo perfume online shop is a good choice for choosing the right vapo perfume for those you love.