Know the best place for perfume for optimal storage
June 07, 2023

Know the best place for perfume for optimal storage

Perfumes are usually not labeled with an expiration date but are not designed for long-term use. By choosing the right place for the perfume, you can increase its longevity. Choose a space away from direct light that has a constant temperature.

Bayrock Perfume is one of the largest perfume manufacturers in the world, where you can buy your favorite cologne online with a guarantee. Store the perfume in the right containers and avoid damaging it. Do not store fragile bottles on high shelves; keep the cap on your bottle to prevent the perfume from degrading.

How to choose the best place for perfume?

Perfumes become diluted over time and lose their scent appeal, and the destruction of the molecular structure and subsequent color change can also lead to a bad smell. Proper storage can prevent the perfume from losing quality after a few months. To address this issue, Bayrock's blog provides 14 important tips on how to store perfume and cologne to help you choose the best location.

Consider these tips when choosing the best place for perfume:

  1. Keep the bottle in its container until the first use, and do not open the seal.

It is important to note that the perfume remains pristine until it is opened. Exposing a perfume bottle to oxygen dilutes the scent and oxidizes its molecules. With more oxygen and less perfume in the bottle, the quality of the perfume will naturally decrease sooner. The clock starts ticking after the first use of the perfume, so be aware of when to open the new perfume.

  1. To choose the best place for perfume and cologne, consider a space away from direct light.

Sunlight can damage the perfume glass and its molecules. In general, perfumes last longer when stored in darker places. Unfortunately, exposure to light alters the perfume's composition, and if the perfume bottle is made of plastic, it can also cause the bottle to melt. To avoid altering the sensitive DNA of the perfume, store your bottle in a place free from natural and artificial light to prolong its lifespan. A closet or drawer is a good place to store perfume and cologne and preserve longevity. A dark box is also ideal for storing a new bottle of perfume. Your closets are the best option since perfumes need a cool and dark place. Instead of lining them up on a dresser or countertop, please keep them in a dresser or drawer to protect them from heat, light, and other external factors affecting the fragrance. Choosing a perfume in a colorful bottle rather than a clear one may make it less susceptible to light damage. Naturally, you want your perfume to retain its scent, especially expensive ones.

  1. Find a place with a constant temperature to store the perfume.

Very high and very low temperatures can affect the quality of your perfume. It is best to store your perfume in a place at home that is not exposed to extreme temperature changes. Avoid keeping perfume in the kitchen or bathroom. The kitchen can get hot while cooking, and the bathroom gets hot when people use it. A closet in the living room, bedroom, or hallway is a much better place to store perfume safely.

  1. Avoid wet areas. Humidity can affect the quality of the fragrance.

Water and humidity can cause the fragrance to deteriorate. Humidity affects the arrangement of perfume molecules and can cause undesirable chemical reactions. Storing perfume bottles in the bathroom is generally bad because bathrooms have extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations, making them the perfect environment for perfume degradation. Instead, look for a closet outside the bathroom as your standard perfume storage location. Choose an area of your home not exposed to extreme humidity to keep your fragrance safe. If you live in a humid environment, it can be challenging to avoid humidity, so be extra careful. If you have a dehumidifier installed anywhere in the house, such as in your bedroom, that can be a great place to store your perfume.

  1. You can also consider storing the perfume in the refrigerator if the temperature is not too cool.

Some people like to store perfume in the refrigerator. Although it may seem strange to have perfume bottles next to your food, the temperature in the refrigerator is generally constant and not excessively cold. There is a lot of debate about whether the refrigerator is a suitable place for perfume, but it depends on the type of perfume. Sometimes, the very cold temperature of the refrigerator can disrupt the delicate chemical balance of the perfume and damage its scent. If you often find that drinks, fruits, and vegetables freeze slightly in your fridge, it is not recommended to store your perfume there. According to experts, fragrance ingredients break down over time and with exposure to light (natural or artificial) and heat. Therefore, if you want your perfume to stay fresh, store it in the refrigerator.

  1. Consider using a closet as the best place for perfume.

A closet is usually an ideal place to store perfume. It is away from light and generally maintains a constant temperature. Create space in your closet to store your best perfumes. Take into account the location of your home. There are better places than a bathroom closet or kitchen cabinet for storing perfume. A closet near the front door or a window may also be a poor choice. These areas are prone to air temperature changes, which can affect the quality of the fragrance.

  1. Keep your perfume in its original bottle.

If you still have the original container for your perfume, store it in that bottle. Do not transfer it to another container, as it will be exposed to air, which can cause the perfume to lose its scent. Decorative perfume bottles may look nice in the bathroom, but they can be one of the quickest ways to spoil your perfume. The original bottles for all perfumes and colognes are designed to be airtight and have a special spray head to distribute the right amount of fragrance while preventing air contamination.

  1. Keep the perfume in the box.

For better storage, you should place bottles in boxes before placing them in a drawer or cupboard. The boxes protect the perfume from heat and sunlight. Put all the bottles in a box before you put your perfume in the closet or on the shelf. Make sure all bottles are tightly closed. You must be careful not to leak the perfume in the box. Decorative boxes can be a fun way to store perfume.

  1. Pay for travel containers.

If you want to travel with your perfume, travel containers can help keep it safe. Choose travel-friendly bottles of your favorite fragrances before your trip, especially if you have to fly. If you can't find travel-size bottles, buy an empty one and transfer the perfume there. Travel containers are a good idea, as there is always the risk of losing perfume while traveling. You want to use only part of the perfume bottle on a trip. Generally, it is better not to transfer the perfume to another bottle, but this is acceptable if you have to travel.

  1. Make sure to keep the bottle cap.

Never remove the cap from the perfume bottle after using it. The less the perfume is exposed to the open air, the better it lasts. When putting it back on the bottle, ensure the cap is firmly in place. Leaving a bottle open for even a few hours can throw off the balance of the mixture and catalyze and accelerate its evaporation.

  1. Avoid shaking perfume bottles.

Many people shake the perfume before using it. Shaking the bottle can expose the perfume to excess air, which can be harmful. While it may seem like a little shaking can help the fragrance diffuse better, it's quite the opposite. Shaking a perfume causes unwanted oxidation through the bubbles created in our favorite perfume molecules. Also, most perfumes are made with delicate chemical bonds and complex mixtures that you can easily break. Unless there are specific instructions to shake the perfume before application, only do so after applying the perfume.

  1. Limit the use of applicators.

Perfume applicators are devices people often dip into perfume and empty onto their bodies. However, reusable applicators can damage the perfume by introducing bacteria and oils into the bottles. If you want to use an applicator, use disposable applicators.

  1. Keep fragile bottles away from high shelves.

A fragile bottle can easily shatter if a box falls from a high shelf. Even if the bottle doesn't break, the turbulence on landing can break the chemical bonds of the perfume and destroy the fragrance. It will ruin the whole perfume bottle. Always keep delicate bottles on the bottom of the closet or the bottom shelf. It is especially important if you live in an area prone to earthquakes.

  1. Always check the color change of your perfume.

Discoloration in a perfume can mean that any of the precautions mentioned earlier have failed slightly. It all depends on the ingredients of the perfume. A composition made with natural ingredients darkens over time, but the smell remains unchanged. The colors of natural perfumes fade faster because they do not contain synthetic stabilizers. Synthetic fragrances, on the other hand, do not suffer from discoloration or oiliness. If such a transformation occurs, it signals that your perfume may lose its pleasant smell and longevity.

Finally, using these tips, you can choose the best place for your perfume to give it a longer life.