Perfume Foundation Awards
January 01, 2023

Perfume Foundation Awards

FIFI Awards

FIFI Awards is an annual event organized by the fragrance Foundation and awarded to the creative products of the perfume industry. This award is Known as the 'Oscar award of the perfume industry'; the awards are presented by the former head of the Perfume Foundation, Annette Greene. The FIFI event is like the Oscars or the Golden Globes in cinema, but perfumes are the actors this time. FIFI is an important event in the perfume industry that has been held since 1973. The Fragrance Foundation, or FIFI, is held in New York City. FIFI aims to recognize the best producers, designers and remarkable achievements of the perfume industry. Prizes are awarded to the best perfumes, with the presence of thousands of members from international designers and essential personalities from fashion, cinema and actors. FIFI is held every year, and the prize is awarded to perfume manufacturers in two groups: women's and men's perfumes and in different categories such as luxury perfumes, popular perfumes, new perfumes, best packaging and even the holder of the best advertising campaign. Every year fragrance foundation presents the FIFI award to its nominees. This award is given to several winners in different fields of the perfume industry, including the best achievement in the perfume industry and the best perfume that has been in the industry for 15 years or more.

Perfume Foundation

American Fragrance Foundation (FIFI) is a non-profit and educational organization founded in 1949 by Chanel, Coty, Elizabeth Arden, Guerin, Helena Rubin Stein and Perfumes Weil. It was established to strengthen and improve American perfumery's quantitative and qualitative level and expand its activity worldwide. Members of this foundation are the following groups: Perfume manufacturers, perfume marketers, media representatives, advertising and public relations of perfume companies, financial services companies, consultants, packaging designers and sellers of perfume-related products. The Perfume Foundation has been trying to provide resources and information related to different perfumes and the sense of smell through its library in an organized manner to those interested in this industry, intending to provide services to people active in the perfume industry and consumers. Foundation's comprehensive library is a collection of new and old books and manuscripts, videos and tapes, and numerous and diverse articles. In 1982, the Perfume Foundation established the Institute of Sense of smell, abbreviated as SOS. As a research and educational foundation, this institute is responsible for collecting and providing resources related to the sense of smell and examining its importance in various sciences, including behavioral psychology and its impact on the quality of life. When the global president proposed this foundation (the FIFI award) to gather stakeholders and improve public perception, he did not know that the day would come when this award would be considered a symbol of quality and innovation in this industry. The first edition of the FIFI Competition was held in New York City's Plaza Hall with the presence of 250 members of the perfume industry. In the competition, only seven items from the perfume industry were chosen, and finally, Chanel No. 19 received the title of the best innovation in the perfume industry. Over time, the Perfume Foundation made many changes in different sections of the FIFI festival and how to select its candidates. Artist Bill Goldberg designed the first statue of FIFI.