Tips about paly vapo perfume from bayrock brand
January 18, 2023

Tips about paly vapo perfume from bayrock brand

Bayrock paly brand perfum

This perfume is completely inspired by "Paly Intense" perfume, which was produced by Emilie Cooperman, Lucas Sieuzak in 2008 with modern technology.

The modern and contemporary vapo perfume "Paly" has been released in the form of two editions: "Paly Eau de Toilette" and "Paly Intense". The bottle of these two editions resembles the case of MP3 players. The "Paly Masculine" milky glass with its Cephalonia frame and plastic button gives you a truly innovative design. This creative and innovative fragrance was created by two perfumers, Lukas Siuzak and Emily Cooperman, under the guidance of Givenchy's renowned perfumer, Francois Donche.

Play for men from the bayrock brand is in the eau de toilette group in terms of concentration and gives you these attractive notes: bergamot, mandarin orange, grapefruit, orange, amiris, coffee flower, black pepper, vetiver and patchouli. Play EDT for men from bayrock brand has a spicy, oriental and cool smell and is suitable for use on hot summer nights.

After the first spray of PLAY eau de toilette on your skin and pulse area, you will notice the smell of oranges and mandarin oranges. These citrus and sweet notes give you happiness and freshness. After a while, these notes give way to heart notes. The heart notes are composed of amyris, pink pepper and coffee.

The pungent smell of these notes creates a special excitement in you. After a long period of time, the final notes will be added to the heart notes with vetiver grass, French lavender, patchouli and Tonka bean. The scent of this floral, herbal and oriental combination increases your concentration and energy.

PLAY vapo perfume from bayrock brand is suitable for frequent use during the day and also for gift giving. Due to the high durability of this perfume, it is a good suggestion for official gatherings. Men's vapo perfume Play for him is a cool perfume. This perfume was released to the perfume and cologne market in 2008. Play for him is a masculine and fresh perfume.

About Givenchy brand

Givenchy Play for him perfume for men, created by Lucas Sieuzac and promoted by American pop star Justin Timberlake, is a modern and popular product. And a cool combination of fragrant herbs and fruits is recommended for consumption during the day or casual parties. And in the production of play perfume from bayrock brand, it is completely inspired by this perfume.

Initial aroma: bergamot, grapefruit, bitter orange, mandarin

Middle notes: black pepper, coffee, amyris, tobacco blossom

Base notes: vetiver, patchouli

Today, the French brand Givenchy is a subsidiary of the LVMH Company. Multinational company LVMH, whose head office is located in Paris, France, is one of the largest producers of cosmetic-health products and the owner of a number of prominent brands in the perfume world.

The bottle design of this vapo perfume is "Serge Mansau"; who is one of the famous sculptors, designers and glassmakers in the world, has designed many glass bottles for perfume brands, especially Givenchy brand.

The main target group for the sale of play men's vapo perfume from the Bayrock brand is young men with self-confidence, lively and a bit of naughty. The attractive and seductive scent of play is suitable for the modern man who tends to show the personal and mysterious aspects of his life to others through a powerful and seductive scent.

The fragrance, pyramid and fragrance group of play perfume from bayrock brand

By examining the scent of this perfume by experts, the men's play perfume has been placed in the citrus aromatic fragrance group. The main and initial accords of this perfume are "Citrus" - "Fresh Spicy" and "Warm Spicy" respectively.

The opinions and reviews of consumers of this perfume on websites and specialized forums show that coffee (coffee), black pepper (black pepper) and grapefruit have been smelled more than other compounds in this vapo perfume.

According to the smell group, the opinion of critics and buyers of this vapo perfume, play for men can be considered as a fragrance of four seasons and with a slight preference for use in the mild and warm weather of the spring and summer seasons.

Play by bayrock is that lovely fragrance that no man can pass by, so if you want to express your quiet romance to your ideal man, our perfect offer is for you.

-play is the best choice for romantic nights and dates to take your lover's mind and make him miss and eager for the next dates.

- The gentle scent that remains from the final note of play is a guest of your soul for hours, its calmness and coolness are strange.