The Difference Between Vapoperfume, Cologne, and EDU de parfum
September 17, 2022

The Difference Between Vapoperfume, Cologne, and EDU de parfum

What is the difference between vapoperfume, cologne, and EDU de parfum?

The history of perfume in the world dates back four thousand BC. Burning incense in various ceremonies in ancient China, Babylon, and Egypt eventually led to the personal use of perfume.

In fact, "fume", meaning steam and smoke, in the word "perfume," originates from the same time. But the vapoperfume we know today is oil essence mixed with the alcohol solution.

This compound was not discovered until the 14th century when it was used for medicinal purposes by the order of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary.

Perfumes and colognes are memorable and very powerful scents.

The scent has the power to arouse your emotions and mood in a fraction of a second and remind you of good memories. Even it reminds you of deep sadness in your heart and soul.

Although it is said that the choice of perfume scent is entirely a matter of personal taste, there are thousands of different perfumes and colognes on the market today.

For this reason, choosing the right smell and scent close to people's taste requires knowing a part of this big world.

While buying perfume, you may have come across terms like "perfume", "Eau de Parfum" and vapoperfume, which may confuse you and make you not know which one is more suitable for you.

Although you may choose a fragrance based on its attractiveness, there are other factors you should consider when buying a vapoperfume to make a more informed choice.

These terms refer to different types of perfume concentrations with their scent spreading power and durability. As we said, vapoperfumes are created by combining perfume oils and alcohol.

The higher the amount of perfume oil, the longer the fragrance lasts. Different brands also use these terms in their perfume product categories to classify them.


With more than 20% of oil essences, this perfume has the highest concentration and durability among other types, which can be 24 hours. So it's no surprise that it also has the highest price. People with sensitive skin should use this type more, because their alcohol is less than other types so that it won't dry out their skin.

Eau de Parfum (EDP):

The second most potent type of perfume is Eau de parfum. This type of perfume contains 15 to 20% of essential oils.

This perfume is prevalent among sellers and buyers due to its acceptable and moderate durability. Eau de parfums last up to 8 hours on average.

A popular perfume sample from the famous Eau de Parfum brand Guerlain, Bois Mysterio is a fragrance for women/men launched in 2019.

Boyce Mysterio Guerlain starts with the top note of spring orange, in the middle note, it reaches the aroma of jasmine and peppermint, and in its base note is the aroma of myrrh gum and leather lingers.

Eau de Toilette (EDT):

It should be noted that the word eau de toilette comes from the French term "faire sa toilette" which means "to prepare". The concentration of the essence of Edutoilts is between 5 and 15% and they usually last for 2 to 3 hours.

Some believe that Eau de parfums are night perfumes and Eau de toilettes are day perfumes.

The word (EDT) refers to an aromatic liquid used to scent the body and hair, and like all perfumes, it is a combination of aromatic oils, alcohol, and a small amount of water.

The percentage of alcohol used in it is higher than the rest of its ingredients. Eau de toilettes have a lighter formula and concentration than perfumes and are a low-cost version of perfumes that can be used by both men and women.

If you are one of the consumers of this type of concentration of perfume, you are undoubtedly familiar with the name Sauvage men's eau de toilette from the Dior fashion house.

This eau de toilette has a long shelf life compared to its concentration and has a cool, sour, and bitter aroma. Sauvage should start with Calabrian bergamot and end with wood.

Eau de Cologne (EDC):

Eau de cologne has a much lower concentration of essential oils, around 2-4%, so it has a higher alcohol content and is cheaper than other products in the perfume family.

Eau de colognes are usually available in larger bottles because they last for two to three hours, and more is consumed. The base of colognes is usually lighter and citrusy.

The difference between tester, vapoperfume, and cologne:

Most of the testers are the same original perfumes usually supplied by the manufacturer in a simple box with no label, cellophane, or fancy cap.

Vapoperfume and cologne testers are often produced in the most range and scent of branded perfumes and colognes, the usual packaging of which is 100 ml, and they are also sold in 50, 70, 90, and 125 ml packages.

The purpose of offering this type of product is to present the scent of vapoperfume and cologne to the customer before the main purchase so that they can choose the scent they want more carefully by smelling the testers.

The tester perfume often has more details than is written on the bottles and helps customers to get more information about the perfume and cologne notes.

Most of the testers are not for sale and are offered by big stores to test and promote the vapoperfume and cologne of a particular brand, but sometimes they are sold to customers in the distribution and sales network.

In terms of durability, there is no difference between vapoperfume and cologne with testers, and the amount of dispersion and durability of perfumes and testers are the same.

As mentioned, the only difference is in the type of container and packaging. Today, famous global brands produce and offer amazing fragrances for every taste and style.

These products are presented in luxury packaging and are priced higher than testers. While both are filled with the same basic liquid, the only difference is in the container you receive.

For this reason, since testers are available in simple packaging, they are cheaper than original perfumes and colognes.