Wood and Leather Olfactory Groups 
April 21, 2023

Wood and Leather Olfactory Groups 

The scent of wood and moss and vapo perfumes with woody notes in bayrock website

Wood scents are reliable and flexible and are known as the trump cards of perfumers, they provide the basis of the composition and strengthen other elements according to their olfactory properties. In fact, it can be said that few woody scents are used as top or middle notes, such as rosewood.

The smell characteristics of wood vary greatly depending on different trees. Some of them have a persistent and phenolic smell, such as guiac wood. Others have a sharp and bitter smell and remind of a new pack of pencils, such as cedar wood. Some woods also have a creamy, milky, sweet and mild smell, such as sandal wood.

There are also woody scents that are so special that they affect the whole composition: Agar wood / Oudh is so complex and powerful that it includes nutty, woody, old and even camphor scents. The scent of pine or fir reminds us of certain seasons thanks to the association of meanings.

Some wood fragrances are made using natural methods such as soaking and distilling real wood chips. Other aromas, as well as some of those that can be obtained naturally, are prepared in a laboratory. The reason for this is sustainability, affordability and safety.

Woody olfactory group vapo perfumes 

Velvet and patchouli are exceptions to this group of woody scents, as vetiver is actually a type of grass that has a complex root system, and patchouli is the leaf of an oriental shrub, but their olfactory characteristics are woody and thus fall into this category.

Woody scents are the best base for men's perfumes, because of the association of the strong meaning that trees bring to mind and not their smell, but the flexibility of these scents makes it possible to use them as a base for women's and joint perfumes. In fact, there are few perfumes that do not contain at least one woody scent in their composition.

Mosses are a subspecies because they are parasitic lichen organisms that grow on trees, such as tree moss and rock moss. The olfactory profile of mosses is irreplaceable, yet in the perfumery industry many efforts have been made to create molecules with the same odor as these substances are rationed by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

The mosses have a bitter smell, and the deep scent and disturbing darkness and it remindes you dark green color they  evoke the forest floor in autumn. For this reason, chypre or Mediterranean perfumes are used as family boosters; In fact, the characteristics of these scents are earthy, depressed, introspective and dark, and give a distinctive look to the old scents. You can buy AVENTOUS from bayrock online perfume store and enjoy its woody smell.

Leather Olfactory Group and perfumes with leather scent in bayrock online perfume store

Leather Olfactory Group is obtained from natural and animal sources and sometimes industrially; Although no subgroup has been officially defined for this fragrance group, but due to the unpleasant scent of leather, it is combined with other notes such as flower notes or different fruits; musk Smoky notes and other animal and plant sources and various woods combine to achieve a rich and exciting scent.

The perfumes of this group are often masculine because of their bitterness and special scent. The fragrance group can help you in choosing a suitable and appropriate perfume, along with the scent. Leather perfumes of different brands, especially brands that work in the leather industry, have been very successful and in many cases have improved the brand's personality.

One of the best examples is the Hermes brand because this brand was originally a workshop for the production of leather goods for riders, and then the company decided to produce women's bags and leather goods for men and women. The leather perfumes of this brand have exactly the leather scent of Hermes products.

Historically, the scent of leather is one of the first scents in perfumery and dates back to the 16th century in the perfumery industry. The origin of this scent begins with perfumers who made leather gloves for nobles.

The world's first leather perfume

The first leather perfume recorded in history was produced by the royal brand, which was the manufacturer of leather gloves at that time; this perfume was used by the King of England at the time, King George III, who liked the scent of leather gloves. James Creed, who is the first generation of Creed, was the maker of gloves for George III. At the request of the king, he produced creed royal English leather cologne. Buy STALWART vapo perfume with leather scent from bayrock online store.