Brighte cristal

Brighte cristal


  • Weight: 90 gr
  • Smell: Mild and sweet
  • Content: 35 ml
  • Dimensions: 32*33*118


A young girl full of vitality is attracted by the wonderful fragrance of Bayrock Brighte cristal Cologne 35 ml; It's true that Brighte cristal is suitable for girls aged 12 to 25, but that doesn't mean other women should turn a blind eye to Bayrock Brighte cristal Cologne 35ml! Because you must be young at heart. Brighte cristal Cologne 35 ml is your constant and omnipresent companion; In your purse, next to your makeup, in your desk drawer at work, in your gym bag, or anywhere else you think you need its cool and sweet scent. _ Top notes of Bairak cologne 35 ml Brighte cristal Makkah is a combination of fruity essences like yuzu fruit and pomegranate, it creates a unique sensation in the soul and soul. _ The unique aroma of magnolia, Blue lily and peony gives a sense of peace and balance to the imagination. _ The inner peace of the opening notes of Bayrock Cologne 35 ml, Brighte cristal, with the spiritual coolness of blue notes, delivers indescribable pleasure to your soul and spirit on hot days of late spring and summer.

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