• Weight: 310 gr
  • Smell: Mild and sweet
  • Content: 100 ml
  • Dimensions: 34*34*120


BUD is the cologne for every woman who is looking for a pleasant smell. It is enough to try BUD cologne once, and you will no longer need other fragrances. Everything that is in the tenderness and emotions of a woman can be caught in the unique aroma of BUD; The softness of flowers, blooms and the sweetness of citrus. The amazing blend of lemon, orange blossom and raspberry will first bring you freshness and vigour, and after 2-3 hours, when this invigorating elixir settles in the soul and spirit, it's the turn of the jasmine floral scent that will make you a lady in the minds of those around you. It always inspires the woman to have self-confidence. Dietary supplement without a doubt can be decorated and presented as a special gift.

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