Eklat di arreg

Eklat di arreg


  • Weight: 180 gr
  • Smell: Mild and sweet
  • Content: 200 ml
  • Dimensions: 32*52*182


Éclat vapo perfume, is the ideal origin for all ladies who is full of limpid feminine power and loves sweet and heavy perfumes. - This complex and special scent, gives you a fragrance that it is as if you have just come out of a garden full of strong and fruity aromas and have taken a deep tempting state. - The first notes of the essential oil of the Éclat perfume, which consist of green leaves of Jasmine, violet and Lithuania Sicily, is evoked spring. - As soon as the first spray of Éclat on your skin and pulse area, you will notice the smell of tea leaves and peach blossoms. This composition, will quickly spread in the space and attract the attention of the people around to you. - Final notes, which are consisted of cedar wood, Samanthus plant and amber, as well replaced the middle notes. The smell of Éclat with a sweet and cool scent, is suitable for spring and summer days.

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