• Weight: 310 gr
  • Smell: bitter and cool
  • Content: 100 ml
  • Dimensions: 49*56*154


Experience has shown that a good fragrance has a beneficial effect on the soul and spirit of a person and, of course, brings with it good morals. HEROS Cologne is a mood-enhancing cologne that uplifts the mood with its sweet and cool scent and makes you look at the world through transparent glasses. HEROS is one of those colognes that, although it was created for men, but after seeing the reception of women, has become a sports fragrance that does not recognise men and women and attracts all diversity. HEROS gives a lasting fragrance to the soul, your dreams and the clothes you wear; A fragrance that will remain as a guest of your soul after several hours and even after washing. Savagee is a versatile perfume that can be said to be suitable for all seasons of the year, but the smell of Sichuan pepper, orange and amber puts it in the group of warm perfumes that enchants your soul and dreams in autumn and winter.

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