• Weight: 90 gr
  • Smell: Mild and sweet
  • Content: 35 ml
  • Dimensions: 32*33*118


Not much time has passed since the creation of this magical cologne, which quickly opened the way for women around the world and became popular with everyone. Jedor Cologne 35 ml is the best option for a special and elegant gift for a lady who loves luxury. Eau de cologne Jedor 35 ml Model Bayrak, with its elixir of pure love, gave the world of women's dreams new colours. This amazing fragrance promises love and loyalty to a white and pure world and is the finest option for professional women to steal the intelligence of others in spring and summer. The heart of this feminine fragrance is made up of notes of jasmine, mariam, spring orange and ylang-ylang, the combination of which is impossible not to awaken in the female soul the temptation to dream and attract a lover. _ In the end, the scent of peach completes this magical elixir of charm, which brings a smile to the face and leaves an attractive trace of a living lady in the memory of those around you.

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