• Weight: 90 gr
  • Smell: Bitter and cool
  • Content: 35 ml
  • Dimensions: 32*33*118


Savagee Savagee brings a lasting fragrance to your soul, your dreams and the clothes you wear; A fragrance that will remain a guest of your soul after several hours and even after washing. The legendary Savagee fragrance is a favorite of men aged 35 and over or those men who want to show others their mature masculinity. You can carry Savagee Bayrock Cologne 35 ml in your gym bag, in your car dashboard, or even in your desk drawer at work. With your first spritz of Savage, you'll be greeted with a whirlwind of warm spices, including cinnamon and nutmeg. Although the composition Savage was created for men, its amazing popularity attracted women as well. Savagee is a versatile perfume that can be said to be suitable for all seasons of the year, but the smell of Sichuan pepper, orange and amber puts it in the group of warm perfumes that enchants your soul and dreams in autumn and winter. _ The spicy aroma of Sichuan pepper, along with the natural nature of vetiver and patchouli plant, conveys such a pleasant feeling in the soul that awakens a feeling of strength in the person. _ It is enough to spray a Savagee Bayrock model on clothes, skin or pulse point, so that as soon as you sniff the first puff, the relaxing and soulful sensation of orange takes over your mind and you are happy and cheerful from smelling its original sweetness.

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