A guide to choose a vapo perfume that suits your personality from bayrock
April 04, 2023

A guide to choose a vapo perfume that suits your personality from bayrock

to choose a vapo perfume that suits your personality, pay attention to the following points: 

Your taste and habits and even the type of weather where you live plays an important role in choosing the ideal perfume. There are a series of tips that can help you choose the best perfume from bayrock vapo perfume and cologne store, here we will share them with you. 

In the first step, it is very important to know the different types of vapo perfume. Perfumes, according to their fragrance can be classified to group or subgroup, the main ones in women's perfumes include floral, fruity, and amber, and in men's perfumes, they include herbal, woody, and amber. 

For a more classification, we can refer to subcategories that include, for example, appetizer, spice, liqueur, and aromatic, etc. Their recognition depends on the main ingredients used in the perfume.
Perfumes are not just a collection of different scents, but by smelling any vapo perfume, you can get a special feeling out of it.

Therefore, it is very important to choose perfume and cologne according to your personality, because this smart choice expresses your personality type and your inner mood.In this article of bayrock blog, we are going to talk about the personality types of different people so that you can choose the right vapo perfumes for each type of personality and mood. 

Which vapo perfume or cologne suits my personality?

The first question that has always occupied many people's minds is that; which perfume or cologne suits my personality? Did you know that your smell shows your personality? Did you know that from the vapo perfume and cologne you wear, it is easy to understand that your personality is full of energy or excitement or kind and calm; Are you friendly and simple or complex and cool? And every other type of personality that we humans usually have one of them in us, is determined by smelling the perfume we put on ourselves.

Perfume and cologne with a bitter scent

Most people who use bitter perfumes have a very strong and charismatic personality. This group of people never give up in front of problems and are always determined in their work and are very hard working people with strong and active perseverance.

Many athletes are also fans of bitter perfumes. This group of people have a lot of motivation and are often not sociable and prefer solitude more than being in a crowd. STALWART vapo perfume from bayrock is one of the bitter scent perfumes in this online perfume store.  

Perfumes and colognes with strong spicy scent

According to psychology, people who like perfumes and colognes with strong scents, are often very intelligent and have high emotional intelligence. Everything should be done according to their wishes. These people are not emotional and are very patient in doing things.

They have high self-confidence and always make good decisions in their lives. And according to them, perfumes that have a spicy scent make them fresh. So if your personality type is like this, we suggest you to use X FEMME vapo perfume from bayrock online perfume store with spicy scents.

Perfumes and colognes with a mild scent 

This category of perfumes and colognes are very different from sweet perfumes. People who wear soft perfumes are often mysterious people. It is not easy to recognize their mood and they appear in a different way every day.

This group of people are reliable and are very popular and loved among their friends. They get nervous and aggressive quickly, but they forget things very quickly. BUD vapo perfume from bayrock is one of the mild scent perfumes in this online perfume store if this scent suites your personality you can enjoy bud vapo perfume.

Perfumes and colognes with a sweet and warm scent.

Most people who like sweet scents are warm-hearted people with a very gentle and simple spirit. This group of people is very humorous, happy and full of energy. 
They often have a dreamy personality and communicate well with other people. Perfumes with citrus scents, flowers and other scents such as vanilla are considered sweet vapo perfumes. This category of fragrances is not only for women, but also among men, sweet and warm fragrances have many fans if you are one of them try EUFORIA vapo perfume from bayrock online perfume store.

How should we apply the vapo perfume on the skin?

This should be applied on the warm spots of the skin, because on these spots the perfume has a better appearance and the upper notes can be more accurately evaluated (on these spots, the notes can be smelled as soon as the perfume is applied, and from them the spiciness and intensity of the perfume can be determined).

After a few minutes, it comes to the middle notes, from which you can find out another part of the ingredients of the perfume. And finally, you can smell the base notes, the ones that give the fragrance its persistence and are usually woody.

Do not forget that the weather has a direct influence on the longevity of the vapo perfume. In very hot areas, due to more sweating, the duration of the perfume may decrease, which makes you to renew the perfume several times during the day.

If you are looking for a perfume to use during the day, go for mild vapo perfumes that are not very strong (Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Cologne). Likewise, to avoid olfactory saturation, it is recommended to carry more than one perfume for daily use. Saturation is a state in which a person cannot smell another perfume due to excessive use. 

For the night, a perfume that impresses others is usually used; a perfume that has a distinctive and very intense scent. For this purpose, it is recommended to look for perfumes that have perfume or eau de parfum written on them.

A cologne that suits your personality:

Fruity: It is the work of spontaneous women who inspire joy and youth and generally look for bright and cheerful scents. Fragrances in which fruity notes are prominent and dominant, such as peach, plum, raspberry, pear, mango, etc.

Flower: It is suitable for women who have a delicate appearance and face and are generally looking for soft vapo perfumes that show all their femininity in the end. Scents whose main ingredients are flowers, such as rose, peony (cold), magnolia, ylang-ylang, or a combination of several flowers.

Oriental: It is used by women who intend to arouse their sex drive and attractiveness in special moments or at night with the help of relatively hotter and sharper scents. Warm, sweet and spicy aromas, consisting mainly of vanilla notes with hints of wood or amber.

Herbal: All-round men who wear a casual look and like to express their masculinity every day with the help of fresh and stylish scents go for this note. Herbal notes include lavender as the main ingredient and other aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil, mint, tea leaves, etc.

Woody: Remarkable men who have elegance in their personality and are looking for complex scents that show their masculinity and strength. Wood note is the best choice for you. Fragrances inspired by woods such as cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, etc. as the main ingredient in their composition.

Oriental: Seductive and mysterious men who are usually looking for warm and spicy fragrances for the night or special meetings go for oriental notes. Warm, sweet and spicy aromas, consisting mainly of vanilla notes with woody or amber notes.

Correct use and maintenance of perfume when applying perfume 

it is recommended to spray it from a distance of 15 cm on the wrist, behind the knee or on the back of the neck (near the hairline). Never rub your wrists together because this breaks the molecular particles of the perfume and has a negative effect on its performance. 

Basically, rubbing weakens the fragrance. Before applying the perfume, be sure to moisturize the desired area with cream to make the perfume last longer. And never put perfume on clothes or hair. The key to proper perfume storage is to put it in a box, as this protects the perfume from external damage.In addition, you should store the perfume in a dry and cool place, not in the bathroom.

You can find your desired perfume from bayrock online perfume store, read about the perfume notes and buy your perfume. If you have any experience about the perfumes tell us in comments section.