Decoding the magical power of perfume notes
February 07, 2023

Decoding the magical power of perfume notes

Everything about the perfume notes and

The reasons of changing the smell of  perfume

Maybe you have had this experience too; the perfume that you have chosen in the store has changed its scent after a few minutes and has surprised and even worried you. In order to enjoying the scent of your perfume more, it is better to know your own taste.

Just as the lovely sound of a piano permeates your life and each note shakes a part of your heart, in perfumes world, each scent leaves its own independent effect along with its combined effect with other scents on your nose. The subtleties and complexities of the world of fragrances have made it possible to create magical perfumes throughout history. 

The speed of evaporation of aromas

The perfume we smell is a combination of different scents that are combined with a special formula and high precision. Simply put, each scent is made up of molecules that each have a different evaporation rate.

Based on this, fragrances are divided into three categories, fast, medium and slow, in terms of evaporation speed, and each category is named as a fragrance note. Therefore, in perfumery, we have three categories of scents with the titles of top note, middle note (Heart note) and base note.

In fact, the notes are like a tool in the perfume maker hands to create the desired combination according to the speed of evaporation of each scent. This feature helps any perfume that you wear to change its scent on your skin over time.

How does recognizing scents help me?

Mesopotamia and Egypt were the first places where perfume was made and used. In many stories, magic is narrated by perfume. The combination of scents has a different effect on people.

To better understanding of perfume notes, imagine looking at a painting that displays an image in the first 15 minutes. Then this image gradually fades and the next image is displayed and finally the permanent image appears after all this.

Therefore, if you do not insist on always using the same type of perfume and you prefer to try different types of perfumes and enjoy the new products of the perfume and cologne market, it is better to know about scent notes and perfume families.

This knowledge will help you not to just give in to buying a perfume with its initial smell. So when you want to buy a perfume, at the same time you enjoy its initial smell, think about the purchase. Let the art of combining scents amaze you. 

Aromatic notes 

Top note, intoxicating

The top note is the scent that spreads as soon as the perfume comes into contact with your skin. This initial scent persuades you to buy the perfume and it usually has intoxicating scents. The scents of this note are like white clouds in the sky and evaporate quickly.

That's why they can excite you in the first contact with the perfume. The scent you smell in this note usually lasts between 5 and 15 minutes due to its lightness. Citrus scents such as lemons, oranges, etc., plants such as lavender and sage are used along with the scents of fruits such as grapefruit and berries. Sometimes they even bring a feeling of sea and ocean breeze. 

Middle or Heart note, seductive

The heart note is a more lasting scent that activates after the top note. The heart note penetrates into your heart after you are a little intoxicated by the top note; in such a way that you feel the taste of perfume in your life. Aphrodite's seduction binds you. At this point, your choice of perfume is almost complete. This note forms the main body of the perfume and is usually a combination of flowers and fruits that have more oil. Such as geranium, rose, jasmine, pine, lime, lavender, coriander, nutmeg, etc., which are accompanied by the aroma of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper. The middle notes are stronger and last longer and last between 2 and 4 hours.

Base note, lasting love

When the middle note is coming to an end, the base note comes into play. The composition of the base note is deep and rich and can be smelled after the rest of the notes. The base notes increase the depth of the fragrance. Base note scents should be chosen in such a way that they create a sense of peace and security in you. These notes perfume your skin for 4 to 6 hours, and your interest in the scent of these notes is the reason for choosing to buy the same perfume again. Usually, the combination of base and middle notes together form the essence of the perfume. The aromatic molecules of this note are heavy. Sandalwood, musk, vanilla, moss, oak, cedar wood, amber, etc. are included in this group.

Longevity and composition of aromatic notes

The combination of aromatic notes
Like life, which is beautiful and lovely with the combination of different elements, it is not possible to create a good fragrance without combining all three layers of perfume notes.

The scents of all three levels affect each other and without paying attention to their effect on each other, it is not possible to create a 
suitable combination. Therefore, in order to produce and recognize perfumes, in addition to knowing each scent, one should be aware of their effect on each other. If you pay attention to the scents, you can combine your different perfumes when you use them and get your own perfume. In this case, we recommend you to use simpler and less complex combinations so that you can play the symphony of your scents.

How long is permanence of perfume?

The durability of perfumes is related to the notes used in them. In addition, the durability of perfumes depends on the condition of your skin, the temperature and humidity of the environment. Usually the perfume lasts between 4 and 6 hours.

However, perfumes composed of light molecule scents do not last as long as those composed of heavy molecule scents. If you get a good quality perfume, it will affect your attractiveness. In the market, they produce women's and men's perfumes with a slight difference.

But remember that you are the one who chooses a perfume according to your taste and mental condition. 

Tips for a better use of perfume

It is better to spray perfumes on your skin and in the places where you have a pulse to get a better effect from them.

If you want the smell of the perfume to spread quickly and the perfume molecules to activate faster, spray it on your skin after showering, when the skin is still slightly damp, and before getting dressed. Because perfume is activated by heat and chemical reactions.

In cool weather, chemical reactions are slower and fragrances are less intense. Therefore, use stronger perfumes in cool weather.

You can choose perfume according to your skin type. Alcohol evaporates faster on dry skin and scent notes are released faster. Therefore, the longevity of the perfume on dry skin is less. But oily skin helps the perfume to last longer. For people with dry skin, it is recommended to use body creams or lotions before spraying perfume on the skin.

It is better to store the perfume in dry and cool conditions. Humidity and heat interfere with your perfume.

Some tips to buy perfume

When you want to buy a perfume, do not try more than three perfumes on your body at the same time.

Pay attention that usually after a few minutes of smelling perfumes your nose becomes sensitive to any perfume notes and you may not feel the smell of the perfume. So you don't need to constantly spray perfume on your body. Bayrock is an online perfume shop that you can read about your Intended perfume and its notes, so, you easily can buy perfume. 

Aromatic families

Perfumers market has a complex compositions for fragrances. Perfumery is an ancient art. In the past, perfume was made from plants or animals. But today, due to the increasing market demand for perfume, it is not possible to obtain it naturally. Because in this case, many species are in danger of extinction.

So today, fragrances are produced in the laboratory. Bayrock Perfume Company has a great line of producing famous perfumes and you can choose your one among them. In order to have a good choice in buying perfumes, in addition to the scent notes, you should also know the perfume family. Knowing these two areas will help you to easily classify perfumes and choose suitable perfumes considering your taste.

Follow the knowledge of the perfume family in another articles on the bayrock website. Bayrock perfume website helps to learn more about perfume world an also you can buy your favorite perfume in an easy and time consuming way.