The best parts of women's body to apply perfume
February 05, 2023

The best parts of women's body to apply perfume

why do we try to know the best parts of women's and men's bodies to apply perfume?

It is it important to spray perfume in special parts of the body inorder to create the strongest feeling in ourselves and who we contact with. Choosing a perfume and how to apply perfume is a completely personal matter and depends on the person and her own experience about using perfumes. 

But by correctly knowing the sensitive points of the body for applying perfume, we can increase the longevity of the perfume and make the scent of our perfume eternal in memories. In this article, we will tell you the best parts of women's body to apply perfume.

The general rules of permanence of perfume on women's body

to make the perfume last, spray it on the hot spots of the body
there is a general rule for the longevity of perfume on women's body parts. If you spray the perfume on parts of your body that are warmer than other parts, you increase the possibility of the scent lasting longer. But what are the hot spots of women's body? These points usually have a pulse. In addition, parts of the women's body gradually heat up due to being hidden under the clothes and become hot spots of the body. Let's get to know these hidden areas together.

The duration of the perfume and its renewal in the middle of the day

the lack of longevity usually forces you to re-spray the perfume. Many perfumes lose their power before reaching the middle of the day. This in itself does not cause problems. But spraying perfume on the skin again in the middle of the day brings its own difficulties. Being busy, the possibility of formal clothes getting stained, or the lack of access to some parts of the body makes it difficult to use perfume during the day. Maybe you prefer the perfume that you sprayed on your body in the morning to accompany you for many hours during the day. You may not even have a bottle of perfume with you, or you cannot easily renew it at work or in the middle of a party.

Hidden places of women's body 

In general, the best parts of the women's body for the longevity of the perfume follow common rules. Spray the perfume in hidden places where the smell of the perfume will not be too strong at the beginning of the meeting. Apply perfume on parts of the body that will spread gradually with your subtle movements while moving and walking. Like under the collar, on the arms, on the stomach. Remember that perfume will last longer on oily and moist skin. More precisely, if the skin is oily or moist before spraying the perfume, you will use the fragrance for more hours.

The effect of skin conditions and environment on the persistence of perfume on women's body

To make the perfume last, do not spray it on dry skin.
Be sure to spray the perfume on your skin when it is wet to make the perfume last longer. Use lotions to lubricate the skin. Fat and moisture have a great effect on the durability and gradual release of perfume and cologne. It is better to use a lotion with a weak scent to lubricate your skin. Lubricating or moisturizing creams are also a good suggestion. 

Fat on the skin in the places where you apply perfume helps the gradual release of the perfume. Therefore, do not spray perfume on skin that is completely dry. Even if you didn't take a bath before spraying the perfume, it is better to apply a moisturizing lotion on the skin before spraying the perfume.

The best time to apply perfume on women's body 

if the perfume is sprayed on women's body immediately after bathing and before dressing, it will have a magical effect. Be sure to dry your body. If you have not dried your body, a large part of your perfume will be lost by the rapid evaporation of water on the skin. We know that humidity accelerates the evaporation of perfume. Therefore, the moisture level of the skin should be such that the perfume does not evaporate quickly, but the odor molecules are also released sufficiently. You will get the best results when your pores are open. After bathing, dry your skin. Then spray the perfume on your skin before getting dressed, while the body is still moist and fresh from the shower.

The best parts of women's body to wear perfume that are usually forgotten

1- hair:

One of the best parts of a woman's body is hair to be fragrant. There is no doubt that sprinkling perfume on the hair makes meetings more pleasant. But remember, if you want your hair to smell good, especially for a date, don't spray cologne directly on your hair. The perfume sticks to the hair texture, but the alcohol in the cologne may dry out your hair. On the other hand, it's not very nice to have your perfume concentrated in only one part of your hair. So, spray the cologne on your brush and brush your hair with it so that you have a light scent diffused through your hair.

2- Inside the elbow:

The inside of the elbow is one of the best places for women to spray perfume because of the pulse. On the other hand, if your clothes have sleeves, as the temperature of the place increases, the perfume will gradually spread. The heat of the air trapped between your clothes and the skin of your hand leads to the complete release of the fragrance molecules and gradually, over the course of hours, you can smell the scent. On the other hand, the perfume that you sprayed on your wrists may have disappeared after washing your hands. The perfume on the inner surface of the elbow will compensate for this issue.

3- Behind the knees:

The back of the knees is one of the most mysterious parts of women's body to apply perfume. If you want to apply the perfume to the lower parts of your body, use the back of your knees. Due to its pulse, this part generates heat and releases the fragrance gradually during the day. But for long working days, it is not recommended if you have full coverage clothes. Because by covering the legs, the perfume behind the knee does not have a chance to spread. But don't forget the back of the knees in situations that you wear loose or short clothes at parties. The aroma behind the knees is gradually heated, diffused and rises with the heat. Therefore, if the weather is very hot, this scent will smell better and stronger.

4- On the navel:

Don't forget the navel. It is one of the best parts of women's body to spray perfume. Due to its high heat, it can emit a large volume of perfume. Especially in cases where you are wearing loose and thin clothes.

5-Behind the ears:

Spraying the perfume behind your ears helps when you hug someone, they will immediately smell the light and pleasant scents. This scent will be recorded in his mind with your image. Therefore, for friendly, intimate and family meetings, be sure to spray a little perfume behind your ears.
6-Inside the arms:

Don't forget this part of the body according to the type of your clothes. Due to the large surface area and continuous movement of hands and arms during activity and talking, it is a good diffuser for perfume.


You have pulses on both sides of the front of your neck. Use this part to release a gentle fragrance.
Below the neck and not reaching the middle of the back: this is the place that emits the scent of perfume very late. When other parts of the body have lost their scent, it gradually releases the scent from your collar.


8-Wrists and ankles:

Maybe you always remember the wrists for perfume, but don't forget the ankles. Especially when you don't have socks on.

Last word
we know that the best parts of a woman's body to apply perfume are the pulse points and the places that are affected by heat. In these places, due to the generated heat, odor molecules are released and spread. You may know that humans have 9 pulse points on their body. Touch your body and find the pulse points. In bayrock you can find your favorite perfume and use it in correct way that we discussed about, and enjoy the smell. Tell bayrock team about your experience and comment your suggestions. In addition, we have many heat points in our body that gives us free choice to choose the area to apply the perfume. Try, experience and enjoy. At the bayrock perfume online shop, you can gift yourself and others the right perfumes for different occasions.