Everything you need to know about vapo perfume
January 09, 2023

Everything you need to know about vapo perfume

Vapo Perfume buying guide

To buy the right perfume, you need information to help you choose the perfume you need. Bayrock co helps you to get comprehensive and complete information about the types of vapo perfumes and scents in this article.

Bayrock is a producer of high-quality vapo perfumes and unique scents, and in this article, it tries to introduce you to the world of perfumes so that you can choose the best perfume for yourself.

The time of making the first modern vapo perfume goes back to 1370 AD, and at that time Queen Elizabeth of Hungary issued an order to make a pleasant and pleasant perfume. This vapo perfume quickly became popular and became known as Hungarian water.

Since then, the perfumery industry has undergone many changes and we are dealing with different concepts such as types of perfumes, differences between vapo perfumes and colognes, seasonal vapo perfumes and other points in this industry. Knowing these concepts is a guide for buying perfumes and helps in buying and choosing perfumes and paves the way to buy the best men's or women's perfume.

By publishing this information, Bayrock, a producer of high-quality perfumes, helps you to get more familiar with the world of perfumes. For this reason, in the following, we will share with you all the information and concepts you need to know about perfume and perfumery.

1-Types of vapo perfumes (perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, eau fraiche)


It has the highest concentration of aromatic oils and in a good perfume we are dealing with something like 20 to 30% of aromatic oils and its shelf life is 24 hours.

Eau de parfum

It is less dense than perfume, and in an "Eau de Parfum" about 15-20% of aromatic oils are used and it lasts about 5-8 hours.

Eau de toilette

With a maximum concentration of 15% of aromatic oils, it is another product of the perfume family, which lasts for about 3 hours.

Eau de cologne

With something like 2-4% of aromatic oils, it is included in the perfume group and it doesn't last more than 2 hours.

Eau fraiche

Finally, we come to Eau fraiche, which is known as the most diluted product in this family and with 1 to 3% of aromatic oils, it has a very short shelf life of 1 hour or less.

2- What is the difference between vapo perfume and cologne?

We told you that the main difference between perfumes is the density of their aromatic oils. As a result, perfume and cologne are not excluded from this rule, and a good perfume has 15 to 30% of aromatic oil, which is diluted with water and alcohol.

The high concentration of aromatic oils in the perfume leads to its durability, and if the durability of perfume or cologne is very important to you, we suggest you buy perfume instead of cologne. But there is another side to this coin, and perfumes with a density of 2 to 4% of aromatic scent may last for a few hours, but they have a more reasonable price and are suitable for night parties and events lasting a few hours.

3- Types of essential oils and their benefit

Many fragrant essential oils are used in the vapo perfume industry, and many of these scents have many benefits besides their pleasant smell. For example, the presence of the pleasant aroma of peppermint in a perfume, In addition to the pleasant aroma, is energizing and helps digestion.

The scent of lavender is relaxing. The smell of sandalwood calms the nerves and increases concentration. The scent of bergamot is used to reduce anxiety and worry. The sweet smell of rose heals the soul and the scent of chamomile brings peace. Ylang-ylang is recommended in aromatherapy to treat headaches and nausea.

The aroma of tea tree is effective for healing infection and strengthening the body's immune system. The scent of jasmine is a good treatment for depression. The sweet smell of lemon is effective in helping digestion, curing headaches and improving good mood.

4- Types of scents in perfumery

Different scents are categorized in different groups, leather scents, these scents are mostly used in men's vapo perfumes and their pleasant smell is taken from animals or natural materials related to animal leather and skin.

Aromatic scents are another category of scents, which include the scents of medicinal plants such as lavender and cumin. Another category in which we see popular scents is oriental scents, and we can mention citrus, fruity and floral categories as other categories of scents.

5- vapo Perfume notes

The vapo perfume or cologne you buy consists of 3 main notes. The top note of the perfume is what you smell at the first spray. In this note, we are generally on the side of penetrating and attractive scents to attract the attention of the person at the first encounter. Top notes are very short lasting and depend on the perfume or cologne you have purchased.

These scents generally last no longer than 2 to 15 minutes. After the top note, the scent of the heart note is activated, which lasts longer. Its scent lasts between 20 and 60 minutes. Finally, the base note is activated, which is more durable and its scent lasts for about 6 hours.

6- Scent and Season

Experience has shown that perfumes with pleasant scents of jasmine, mogae, mimosa and takmegia flower are very good scents as spring vapo perfumes.

If you are looking to buy a pleasant vapo perfume for the hot summer day and night, we suggest you buy a perfume with a citrus scent, whose uplifting smell will bring you more energy in the summer dog days.

Lovers of the autumn season also know that autumn is the season of falling of leafs and falling in love. In such a season, buy a perfume that smells of chocolate, sweets, vanilla and coffee, and its pleasant smell will complete your love affair.

In winter, choose a vapo perfume with a smoky, oud, sandalwood or tobacco scent that reminds you of spending the night in the cold winter nights next to the fireplace.

7- Aromatherapy

Perfumetherapy, which is also known as aromatherapy in the modern world, has a long history and the term (Aromatherapy) was first coined by a French chemist. In aromatherapy, the pleasant smell of aromatic oils is used to treat various diseases and reduce worry and anxiety.

This method has gained many fans. Perfume lovers find a cure for diseases in addition to enjoying the pleasant smell. Do not underestimate the properties of therapeutic aromas, because these aromas are recommended for curing common pains, even for reducing the complications caused by chemotherapy.

 The pleasant scent of roses is one of the famous scents known to help pregnant mothers and pregnancy, and peppermint prevents nausea in pregnant mothers. It is interesting to know that the properties of therapeutic aromas are so great that they are even used for disinfection and fight against fungi and parasites.

8- The difference between men's and women's vapo perfumes

Perfumes are offered in 2 main groups, men's and women's, and we also know  vapo perfumes whose pleasant smell is not specific to a specific gender and their scent is used by men and women. The main difference between men's and women's perfumes is determined by the scent of these perfumes, and it is not difficult to distinguish whether a perfume is male or females, for this it is enough to look at the perfume bottle or box.

Vapo Perfume manufacturers usually specify whether their perfumes are male or females on the bottle. On the other hand, there is an unwritten rule in the world of perfumery that according to this rule, perfumes with woody, musk and leather scents are generally classified as men's perfumes. The presence of floral scents, fresh and invigorating scents, fruits, sweets and soft scents in a perfume indicates its femininity.

9- Famous perfume brands

In the world of perfumery, we know great perfumers who have ruled the perfume industry for years, and the perfumes of these brands have been popular with perfume lovers for years. Just take a look at the famous perfume (Channel No 5).

This perfume is the first perfume launched by the "Coco Chanel" brand in 1921 and has been present in the world of perfumery ever since. The pleasant aroma of rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and moge can be smelled from this perfume, and we are on the side of a perfume that attracts the attention of young women and older women.

10- How to use vapo perfume

In addition to buying a perfume, the way to use perfume is very important in the longevity of the scent and the amount of its smell. Bayrock suggest that in order to disperse the scent of the perfume you have bought, apply this perfume on the pulsating parts of the body, such as the inside of the wrists, arms, and neck.

In addition to these areas, don't forget to spray the perfume on the ears and chest area. Prominent perfumers recommend to spray some perfume in the air and walk through it so that the perfume particles are placed on your hair and face and the pleasant scent of the vapo perfume you have bought will double.

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