Everything you need to know about vapo perfume- part two
January 14, 2023

Everything you need to know about vapo perfume- part two

In the first part of this article from bayrock, bayrock gave some tips regarding the types of vapo perfumes, the difference between perfume and cologne, the types of essential oils and their benefits, the types of scents, perfume notes, scents and seasons, aromatherapy, the difference between men's and women's perfumes, famous perfumery brands, how to use perfume and now bayrock will continue the discussion in this article.

11- How to properly store vapo perfume

Store your hard-earned perfume like a precious object so that its quality doesn't fade over time. As a result, since oxygen is very harmful to the perfume, we suggest to buy the perfume in small bottles so that its contents are in the vicinity of less oxygen. If you have bought the perfume with a relatively large glass, it is better not to place the perfume bottle in the vicinity of direct light and be careful not to place the perfume bottle in a very hot room.

It is interesting to know that some people who attach great importance to the preservation of vapo perfume keep the perfume bottle in the refrigerator.

12- Distinguishing fake perfume from original

The most important way to distinguish a fake perfume from an original one is to buy it from a reputable store. On the other hand, if you want to buy a high-quality perfume, be sure that the manufacturer of this perfume does not spare anything for its packaging and bottle. The perfume you buy, in addition to smelling good, should have a stylish and beautiful glass that expresses the quality and originality of the perfume. Reputable brands market their perfumes with serial numbers and numbers to identify the originality of the perfume, so before buying the perfume, check the necessary information to ensure its authenticity.

13-Tips on buying vapo perfume

While buying a vapo perfume, keep the top, heart and base notes in mind and don't forget, the middle scent of the perfume is generally activated several minutes after spraying. Be sure to try the fragrance that you intend to buy at different time intervals after spraying.

Do not distract your nose with different perfumes and if after trying several perfumes, none of these perfumes are pleasing to your nose, Comeback at another time to try new scents.

As you have surely experienced, price plays an important role in the quality and fragrance of a perfume. If you are sure of the originality of the vapo perfumes you are going to buy, it is likely that these vapo perfumes will last longer. An expensive and aristocratic perfume will last longer compared to their price difference.

14- Why buying vapo perfume from Bayrock online shop is easy and safe

Buying a vapo perfume has a special atmosphere and provides a pleasant experience to the lovers of fragrant scents. But if you have visited the market to buy perfume, you know very well that after trying a few scents, your nose is no longer able to distinguish the good smell of different perfumes, and to eliminate the smell of vapo perfume, you have to use tricks like smelling coffee, but even this Tricks often don't work either, and the variety of perfumes on the market confuses buyers.

Fortunately, buying vapo perfume from bayrock online shop solves this problem, and by looking at this online perfume store, you can easily check a selection of the best vapo perfumes with just a glance. In addition to reviewing vapo perfumes, you will get to know a list of user opinions about each perfume so that you can choose the best perfume with the help of other customers' opinions. In addition to these items, after buying perfume online from Bayrock, you will be included in the list of buyers of the website and take advantage of the special benefits of Bayrock vapo perfume online stores, such as sales festivals, exceptional discounts and sales plans. It is not easy to ignore these things, and if you are a big fan of fragrant perfumes, we suggest that the next time you want to buy perfume, visit the Bayrock online perfume store and experience a special and unforgettable purchase.

15- The difference between essence and aromatic oil

It is not possible that you are interested in the world of fragrances and have not heard the term (essence), aromatic oil is another common term that is heard a lot in the world of perfumes. Knowing these terms paves the way to buy a perfume with a more pleasant scent. Therefore, let us first tell you about essence. In the perfume industry, an extract obtained from plants or other substances that have a pleasant aroma by distillation, soaking in oil, maceration, absorption or pressure is called essence.

In fact, the essence has the properties of the material from which it is extracted in a condensed state. These concentrated essence are a very strong extract in terms of aroma and properties, and they are about 2 to 4 times more concentrated than the substance from which they are extracted. These days, in addition to extracting essence using the mentioned methods, we also see the production of synthetic essence using chemical methods. These essence are produced with the aim of producing a scent like natural essential oil with chemical methods to express the smell and properties of natural essential oil.

Aromatic oils, as their name suggests, are natural oils that are generally created by the distillation process, and aromatic oils have the smell of the plant or substance from which they are extracted. In simpler terms, aromatic oils are actually liquid oils that have a volatile aroma and evoke the smell of flowers or the substance from which they are distilled.

16- Vapo Perfume is a good option as a gift

Giving gifts is a very nice thing in our Iranian culture and we use any excuse to show our loved ones that we remember them and love them from the bottom of our hearts. In all the gifts that we can present to our loved ones, perfume has a special place and we don't know anyone who would not like to receive a heartwarming and memorable perfume as a gift. But gifting vapo perfume has its own tricks. We suggest that you buy the perfume according to the mood and interest of the person you want to give as a gift.

For example, if the person you are looking for is very fond of going out and being in the crowd, it is likely that he will like a perfume that has a warm and penetrating scent. But if the person you want to give a vapo perfume to is an introverted person and prefers candlelight and studying in solitude to street lights and crowds, choose a perfume with a mild and pleasant scent for this person.

Another interesting thing that you should consider when buying vapo perfume is the interest of the person to whom you want to give perfume to different foods. For example, if this person is fond of spicy foods and delicious drinks, it is likely that such a person will like a penetrating and attractive perfume with the smell of rose, oud, or woody scents. On the other hand, if this person is fond of sweet foods, without a doubt, sweet and pleasant scents such as the pleasant smell of vanilla and strawberry will be suitable for him. Bayrock has made this choice easier for you by mentioning different perfume scents in the product description section.

17- Relation between age and favorite vapo perfume

Experience has shown that teenagers are more interested in buying perfumes of celebrity brands, and in this context, we can mention the perfumes of popular celebrities such as "Britney Spears" or "One Direction". Teenagers have a great influence on each other and buying a perfume from a celebrity brand makes other friends of this teenager also interested in buying the same perfume. Young people over 20 years old are also generally influenced by advertisements, and the presence of famous figures in famous perfume brands is very important for the decision of young people 20 years old and older to buy perfume.

On the other hand, 30-year-olds have more experience and look for perfumes that bring a sense of vitality and freshness. People aged 40 to 50 are also interested in perfumes that have a greater effect on the people around them. 50-year-olds and older people have a better experience in perfumes and look for classic and long-lasting scents so that these perfumes will repeat happy memories in their minds.

18- What are the differences between cold and hot vapo perfumes?

Famous perfumers have divided the scents in perfumes and colognes into cold and hot. In this way, if the vapo perfume you buy has woody aromas, cedar, resins, incense, aromatic seeds such as vanilla and Tonka, spices, and some flowers such as tulips and carnations, this perfume is in the group of hot perfumes, and citrus aromas, Mint, eucalyptus, green tea, violet, ylang-ylang, votive and various aromatic green leaves are included in the cold group.

Professionals in the world of perfumery have different suggestions for using perfumes with hot and cold scents in different occasions and seasons, and besides these suggestions, people's taste is also very important in choosing a perfume with a hot or cold scent.

19- Leading countries in perfumery

The perfumery industry is an old and ancient industry, and according to the history we know from this industry, we are on the side of a profitable and progressive industry, where different countries each intend to take a larger share of the perfume market. It is interesting to know that according to the latest statistics of the reliable website "Globe Newswire", it is reported that by 2026, the share of the global perfume and cologne market will reach 56.98 billion dollars per year.

More interestingly, among all countries producing perfumes, France has the first place in the export of perfumes to the whole world in 2019 and has taken 27.5% of the share of sales and exports of Perfumes in the world. After France, Spain is in the second place with 11.9%, Germans are in the third place of leading countries in perfumery with 11.4% share of perfume export and sale. America, Italy, Singapore and the Netherlands are in the next positions, respectively, and since the perfumery is such an industry that relies on the support and history of reputable brands, this statistic is expected to continue in the future and in the coming years. France, Spain and Germany are still recognized as the leading countries in the perfumery industry.

20- Famous quotes about perfume

We know interesting quotes from celebrities that have been said about perfume. Since there is no doubt that reading and hearing these quotes is not without pleasure for perfume fans, below we mention some interesting and famous quotes from great celebrities about perfume.

No elegance is possible without perfume, perfume is not visible, but it is not forgotten and it is a necessary tool to reach the ultimate perfection and elegance. "Coco Chanel"

The best expense any man can make is to buy a stylish suit and an aristocratic perfume, by purchasing these items, handsome men are actually buying the cost of making a first impression on the audience. "Massimo Farrago"

Wise men know very well that perfume is the most powerful weapon in the battle of attracting the opposite sex. Marcello Mastroianni

Good manners and good perfume are the things that turn men into gentlemen. "Tom Ford"

As we promised, we shared with you all the things you need to know about vapo perfume, we hope that with this information, you will buy your favorite perfume or cologne more easily than ever.

In the end, we suggest that if you have any other useful information, share it with bayrock team and other readers in the comments section.