Popular Vapo Perfumes of Celebrities
December 18, 2022

Popular Vapo Perfumes of Celebrities

The Vapo Perfume of celebrities

The vapo perfume and cologne of celebrities and prominent figures are also well-received by their fans worldwide.

They have lasting and attractive scents. In this BayRock vapo perfume section, famous people are introduced to you, along with their scents and notes.

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 perfume

Christian Ronaldo's perfume is one of the world's celebrity perfumes, produced with the name CR7 in 2017 in red glass.

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This men's vapo perfume has a soft and woody scent and is made of notes such as cardamom, bergamot, lavender, cinnamon, iris, vanilla, tobacco and cedar.

Karl Lagerfeld perfume

The world-famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld's perfume is also considered one of the world's celebrity perfumes, which was produced in two types for women and men in 2014.

This artist's perfumes have fantastic scents; the notes used in them are tangerine, lavender, violet, amber and sandalwood.

Katy Perry perfume

Another vapo perfume of world celebrities is Katy Perry perfume and cologne, produced in several different warm, sweet and fruity scents. Their glass design is also extraordinary and attractive.

Kim Kardashian perfume

Kim Kardashian's perfume is exclusive to the artist's name. This perfume was produced in 2009. It is in the group of oriental perfumes. Its creator is Claude Dier.

The essential oils used in this vapo perfume include mandarin orange, orange blossom, honeysuckle, jasmine, jasmine gardenia, marjoram, aromatic spices, tonka bean, musk, white sandalwood, wood aroma, and orchid.

Laura Biagiotti perfume

Laura Biagiotti's celebrity cologne is feminine and seductive. It was produced and marketed in 1988.

This perfume has an oriental spicy scent and consists of notes such as rose, clove, mint, bergamot, grapefruit, musk, amber, vanilla and hyacinth.

Lady Gaga perfume

Lady Gaga's perfume is one of the world's celebrity perfumes, produced in 2012. Lady Gaga's vapo perfume is available in two types, spicy and sweet, and consists of notes such as apricot, saffron, jasmine, orchid and honey.

Jennifer Lopez perfume

Jennifer Lopez's perfume collection is one of the most celebrity perfumes in the world. In 2008, the artist produced her first men's fragrance, Deseo, and then launched her women's fragrance.

Jennifer Lopez has registered 22 women's and men's perfumes in her perfume collection.

Jessica Simpson perfume

The famous American singer Jessica Simpson's perfume is also considered a celebrity cologne. From 2004 to 2012, 13 different perfumes and colognes were registered with the name of this artist.

The scent of these perfumes and colognes is sweet and was noticed by her fans.

Justin Bieber perfume

Justin Bieber's perfume collection is in the category of cologne and celebrity vapo perfumes, whose prominent scent is fruit and flower and has a long-lasting scent.

Alfred Dunhill perfume

The products of Alfred Dunhill, a British designer of men's clothing and luxury accessories, are also one of the most popular vapo perfumes and colognes in the world.

This brand has produced more than 24 perfumes and colognes for women and men until 2017. These products have warm and sweet scents.

Antonio Banderas perfume

The perfume of Spanish actor and singer Antonio Banderas is also considered one of the celebrity perfumes produced in collaboration with Poing Perfume Company.

More than ten perfumes and colognes with attractive scents have been made in his name.

Ariana Grande perfume

The famous American singer Ariana Grande's perfume was also unveiled in 2015 with a warm and sweet feminine scent.

This vapo perfume combines citrus and flowers and is made from notes such as blackberry, pear, bergamot, gooseberry, jasmine flower, puffy pastel and jasmine flower.

Britney Spears perfume

Britney Spears, a famous American singer and actress, also has a cologne collection under her name and started her career in this field in 2004.

So far, she has registered 19 perfumes and colognes to her name, and her collection has a wonderful and sweet scent.

Carolina Herrera perfume

Carolina Herrera, a famous American designer, has collaborated with an American perfume and cologne brand and has released over 100 vapo perfumes and colognes, primarily for women, under her brand and the CH symbol.

The scent of these perfumes is warm and sweet.

David and Victoria Beckham's perfume

David and Victoria Beckham, a famous and popular British couple, entered the field of perfume and cologne for women and men in 2005. So far, 19 products with their brand have been released to the world market.

The first cologne of these two was unveiled with the name Intimity for women and men with a warm and sweet scent.

Dolce and Gabbana perfume

Dolce Gabbana brand, or D&G for short, is a famous Italian vapo perfume and cologne company producing over 50 products, mostly for women. The perfumes and colognes of this brand are produced in all scents.

Elizabeth Arden perfume

The famous American brand is Elizabeth Arden, which has produced 50 perfumes and colognes. This brand is a celebrity cologne, and most of the products are feminine and have excellent, warm and sweet scents.

Emanuel Ungaro perfume

French fashion designer Emmanuel Ungaro's brand is also one of the perfume and cologne products of celebrities and has released 53 perfumes and colognes with cool and sweet scents.

Giorgio Armani perfume

Among other vapo perfume brands of foreign celebrities, I can mention the products of the famous Italian designer Georgia Armani.

Giorgio Armani brand has produced more than 130 perfumes and colognes with different scents for men and women.

Richmond perfume

John Richmond perfume, abbreviated as JR, was produced in two fragrances for women and men in 2009 and 2010.

Women's perfume has a soft and sweet scent, while men's perfume has a spicy scent.

Mariah Carey perfume

American singer Mariah Carey's cologne is also in the celebrity perfume category. This artist launched her first perfume in 2007 with the name M. She has registered 14 products in her perfume collection.

Her most famous product is a women's perfume, Forever, which has a floral and attractive scent.

Michael Jordan perfume

Among other popular perfumes, we can mention the perfume of American basketball player Michael Jordan.

The perfume of this professional player has a wonderful and sweet masculine scent, which was well-received by his fans when it was unveiled.

Madonna perfume

Another famous perfume is made by the famous American singer Madonna. This women's perfume is Truth or Dare, unveiled in 2012.

This vapo perfume has an oriental and floral scent and consists of notes such as Maryam, jasmine, benzoin, musk, amber and vanilla.

Paris Hilton perfume

Paris Hilton's perfume collection is also known as a celebrity perfume produced by this American actress, singer and model. From 2005 to 2017, this brand has about 24 feminine perfumes and colognes.

Rihanna's perfume

The perfume collection of the famous Barbadian singer Rihanna includes several perfumes and colognes with female and male scents. Rihanna launched her first perfume in 2010.

Sarah Parker perfume

The perfume collection of the attractive American actress Sarah Parker is also in the category of celebrity perfumes.

From 2005 to 2011, about 15 perfumes with attractive female and male scents were launched with the name of this artist.

Selena Gomez perfume

The exclusive perfume of Selena Gomez, the famous American actress and singer, was unveiled in 2012. This women's perfume has an excellent and sweet scent and floral and fruity notes that were liked by women worldwide.

Taylor Swift perfume

Taylor Swift's perfume is also produced exclusively with the name of this artist, and its scent is a combination of velvety petals and creamy woods for women.