The best parts of the men's body to apply perfume on special occasions
February 06, 2023

The best parts of the men's body to apply perfume on special occasions

The best way to use men's vapo perfume for different occasions

It must be admitted that even if you buy the most expensive men's perfume; But do not put the perfume on the right parts of the body, the durability and effectiveness of the perfume will not be that good. Men usually are not satisfied with one method of using perfume and have different opinions. Many people believe that men's perfume should be worn behind the ears; while some others like to put perfume on the wrist. Therefore, in this article we will tell you the best parts of the body to apply perfume on different occasions, so that by applying men's perfume to those parts, its pleasant aroma is preserved and its longevity is guaranteed to a large extent. So stay with us.

How to use men's vapo perfume in different parts of the body

Undoubtedly, you have heard about the pulsating points of the body and the use of men's perfume in these parts. The scent of the perfume that is sprayed on the pulsating points slowly emits in the air and becomes longer lasting.

Important pulsating points for men are behind the ears, on the neck, the end of the throat, back of the neck, the chest and the junction of the shoulder and hand. Be careful that sometimes applying men's perfume on wrists, knees and elbows may disturb the balance between scents.

For example, we can mention the use of men's perfume on the wrists, which seems to be a very simple task; but it has its own disadvantages. This is because the hand is an organ that constantly moves, and no matter how careful you are, your wrists will still rub against the clothes or surrounding items.

On the other hand, washing hands with scented detergents also changes the scent of perfume and cologne. Having said that, behind the ears and the pulse area of ​​the neck are the best places to apply men's perfume. To clarify this issue, we will mention four main situations and tell the important points of the body in using perfume for these situations.

How to wear vapo perfume for work and office?

How to use men's perfume for work and office we know many men who search a lot to find the best men's perfume for work. These perfumes must have enough scent distribution; but their scent should not be thick and penetrating.

Heros vapo perfume from bayrock online shop is a good choice for work time. With this in mind, we suggest that whenever you are going to work, don't neglect these points to apply men's perfume:

1. A puff of spray behind each ear

2. A puff of spray down the throat

How to put vapo perfume for outdoor during the day?

When wearing cologne or perfume for outdoor spaces and during the day, on holidays, when you go shopping or outing, it is better to wear perfume in such a way that environmental pollution, wind or humidity do not change the pleasant scent of your perfume.

On the other hand, the possibility of being in shops and in closed environments is also high; for this reason, you should not overdo it. The upper vapo perfume from bayrock online shop, has a hot and spicy scent and would be nice to be used out door and shopping time.

As a result, we recommend that the first chance you get for sightseeing and shopping during the day, don't neglect to use men's perfume in these areas:

 1. Two puffs of spray behind the ear

 2. Three puffs of spray on the back of the neck.

How to wear vapo perfume for parties

How to wear cologne for night outings so that the pleasant scent lasts? The method of using men's perfume for parties is different and you should consider the environmental conditions such as the coolness of the air and the possible crowding of parties.

The Puissant vapo perfume from bayrock online shop, has a bitter and cool scent and would be pleasant to be used at parties. We suggest that you apply the perfume you have chosen for these occasions in the following order:

1. Two puffs of spray behind the ear

2. Three puffs of spray on the back of the neck

3. Two puffs of spray to the shoulders

How to wear vapo perfume for dates

To wear a perfume for a date, the first step in dressing up is to choose and buy  the best men's perfume. The Cesar vapo perfume from bayrock online shop, has a gentle and cool scent and would be a good choice for romantic dates.

After that, it is better to preserve your pleasant scent by knowing how to use Men perfume and leave a lasting memory of these days. In this way, we suggest that you apply perfume to these parts of the body:

1. A puff to the pulse of the neck

2. A puff down the chest

Final important point in using men's perfume

In the end, note that although it is very common to spray perfume on clothes and hair; But they are not recommended as effective points for men.

The first reason is that the aromatic oil used in perfumes is made to interact with the skin. So it makes perfect sense that putting men's perfume on your clothes and hair is not as effective as spraying it on your skin. On the other hand, perfume and cologne must evaporate in the air, and since clothes and hair do not have heat by themselves, the process of perfume evaporation in these parts is done slowly.

As a result, the perfume remains on the clothes, and when another perfume is sprayed on it, the scents collide, which is unpleasant. In addition, clothing fibers are damaged and stained by the presence of oil and alcohol in the perfume.

The second reason is that applying perfume on the hair also experiences the same evaporation issues and cannot perform the proper cycle. On the other hand, the pleasant scent is combined with the smell of the shampoo and changes it to some extent.

Also, the ingredients in men's perfume, such as alcohol, oil, etc., may cause or aggravate scalp and hair allergies. And the most important thing is that your perfumed hair won't take any ones attention, so it's better not to waste your perfume by spray it on hair.

Last word

It is not possible to buy the best men's perfume and not become the most attractive man in different situations. By choosing the best perfume from bayrock perfume online shop and knowing the right way to use men's perfume.

So, since bayrock team is sure that you also have interesting ideas for perfumes and know many tricks of choosing a perfume, we suggest that you tell us and other Ardem friends about these ideas and tricks in the comments section.

If you are confused in choosing the right perfume for your self or those you love, we recommend that  you carefully read the article introducing the best men's perfume based on your age and choose your perfume from bayrock online shop.