The best vapo perfumes for young men
April 14, 2023

The best vapo perfumes for young men

If you are looking to buy a young men's perfume, we suggest you to read this article from bayrock. Perfume is perhaps more important for young people than other people, because usually young people think about their own style and clothing, both for themselves and for their acceptance in the community. Perfume is considered as an important factor to impress the opposite sex. In this text, we have tried to prepare some of the best perfumes that are suitable for young men on the bayrock website at reasonable prices compared to the various perfumes in the market, so that all young people can benefit from the perfumes in this list.

1- UPPER vapo perfume-100 ml from bayrock

The smell of success and will power
No one, before it changed the world, imagined a new civilization born of mere daring. Many people, one morning, left their homeland for freedom. They had no hope of returning. But unlike their fellow travelers, their dreams were larger than life. Not afraid of any obstacle, they celebrated every moment of their lives. Within 100 years, they built a country where nothing is set forever: the United States of America. They became the "UPPER". you
can buy upper from bayrock online store.

The upper fragrance notes:

In top note you can smell: saffron, rose, cardamom, bergamot, juniper berries
In heart note scents of: geranium, cinnamon, orange blossom, peach, and also leather can be smelled
In base notes: woody scents like cedar wood, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, white musk are smelled. This perfume has a long lasting fragrance.

2- Givenchy Play Intense vapo perfume- 200 ml by bayrock 

Givenchy Play Intense vapo perfume is an amber fougere for men. Givenchy Play Intense was introduced in 2008. Givenchy Play Intense was developed by Emilie Bevierre-Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac. You can buy this vapo perfume with the name of PLAY from bayrock online shop. The opening note of this vapo perfume is bergamot and mandarin orange. Middle note is coffee, amyris and pink pepper. Base note include Tonka bean, vetiver, patchouli, and French labdanum.


3- Bleu de Chanel vapo perfume-200 ml by bayrock

Bleu de Chanel vapo perfume for men is a fragrance with a woody scent. Bleu de Chanel Parfum was launched in 2018. The designer of this perfume is Olivier Polge. The opening notes are: lemon peel, bergamot, mint and bergamot. Middle notes are lavender, pineapple, geranium flower and green notes. Base notes are: sandalwood, cedar, amber wood and Tonka bean. You can buy this fragrance with the name of Blue di Chanell from bayrock.

Blue di Chanell by bayrock is a woody fragrance. At first, it goes to the clean space of lemon peel, bergamot, mint with a little spice, especially the mint. In the middle note, green notes like lavender, pineapple, geranium flower and finally the aroma of wood remain. This perfume has a good fragrance and relatively high durability.

4- Dior Sauvage vapo perfume- 200 ml by bayrock

If you are interested in the scent of Dior Sauvage and want to buy a perfume with the same quality but at a more reasonable price, your answer can be SAVAGEE from bayrock. As soon as you first spray SAVAGEE on your skin and on your pulse or clothes, the scent of Sichuan pepper, orange and the amber can be smelled.

With its spiciness and hot smell of Sichuan pepper, it transfers a lot of energy to you and those around you. Orange, which is from the citrus family, brings with it a sweet smell. Amber, with its warm aroma, makes this strange triple combination hot and spicy. SAVAGEE men's vapo perfume with its warm, spicy and sweet smell is suitable for men who live and work in big cities with high traffic. SAVAGEE's fragrance distribution power and high durability are considered as a main and important option for gifting.

First notes: bergamot, pepper
Middle notes: lavender, geranium, pink pepper, lami, vetiver, Sichuan pepper, patchouli
Base notes: labdanum, ambroxan, cedar

5- CREED-Aventus vapo perfume- 200 ml by bayrock

One of the most popular products of the expensive and royal Creed brand is CREED-Aventus. This perfume mixes freshness, vitality, dignity and grandeur in its dramatic spirit and shows it in a more elegant way. The contrast of this magic perfume draws everyone towards it to show everyone what stunning power it carries.

This exceptional and extraordinary and long-lasting perfume with a unique scent and a completely stylish and long-lasting and classic fragrance is suitable for young men. CREED-Aventus was introduced to the world by the royal Creed brand in 2011. Now you can buy this royal scent as AVENTOUS vapo perfume- 200 ml by bayrock online perfume shop.

First note of AVENTOUS consist of: bergamot, apple, pineapple, black currant 
Middle note aromas are rose, jasmine, patchouli, sedum wood
Base note is musk, amber, vanilla and oak moss.