The history of the Lalique brand and the introduction of the best Lalique vapo perfumes
February 10, 2023

The history of the Lalique brand and the introduction of the best Lalique vapo perfumes

Rene-Jules Lalique , the creator of the prestigious Lalique brand, is a famous French jeweler who also designed crystal. Before his father's death, he was studying art in Paris. The loss of his father and his biggest supporter forced him to drop out of school.
But Lalique was not a man to stop trying to improve. A few years later, this time at the London School of Art, he continued his studies in the field of art and also learned some jewelry making techniques.
During these days, he made designs for several famous jewelry brands.
Among these brands, familiar names such as Jacta, Cartier and Boucheron can be mentioned.

Where did the professional work of the Lalique brand begin?

After gaining the necessary experience and knowledge, he personally opened the jewelry workshop of in Paris. At that time, it was very common to use precious stones in jewelry. But Lalique took a new initiative and used not so expensive materials that he thought were interesting and beautiful in his designs.
With this trick, the finished price of Lalique brand products was much lower compared to other brands, and this made them earn a lot of profit. After some time, Lalique turned to designing crystal and glass dishes. Lalique brand was very successful in this field as well. 
So that very soon one of the French perfume sellers named Francois Coty asked him for cooperation.
The result of this collaboration led to a great transformation in the world of perfume and cologne and the design of attractive and beautiful perfume bottles.
Before this cooperation, perfume bottles were made in a very ordinary way. But Lalique's unique designs surprised perfume lovers. nina ricci l air du temps perfume bottle can be considered one of the first works of the Lalique brand, which was very long lasting.

Start of production of Lalique brand perfume and cologne

After Lalique's death in 1945, the Lalique Company was maintained and developed by his family, especially his granddaughter Marie-Claude.
In 1992, Marie introduced the Lalique brand to the field of perfume and cologne production, and in this way, she got the help of great perfume designers.
The design of unique perfume bottles resulting from the taste and creativity of the grandfather and the production of very fragrant perfumes in collaboration with the famous perfume designers caused Lalique products to be noticed very soon.

Since 1992, when the production of Lalique perfume was launched, until now, the Lalique brand has designed and launched about 80 perfumes and colognes. The latest Lalique perfume product has been introduced in 2019.
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The most famous Lalique perfumes

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