The right perfume for smokers 
February 18, 2023

The right perfume for smokers 

If you are a smoker, you must have faced some problems in finding the right perfume to avoid the bad smell of smoke, and you may have tried perfumes with different scents many times, but none of them covered the smell of cigarettes.

What is certain is that you should choose perfumes with a high spreading power, which is preferable to the smell of cigarettes. The smell of cigarettes is intense and harmful, so that it is felt more than many other scents; in this article, we are going to introduce some perfumes and scents that are suitable for you.

Before introducing the right perfume for smokers, we should know about the nature of cigarette smell. In general, the smell of cigarettes has a cold and depressing nature, and people think that they can get rid of it by using perfumes with a warm scent, but this idea is wrong.

Indiscriminate and excessive use of perfumes with hot and strong aromas may quickly eliminate the bad smell of cigarettes, but in the later, it will only leave you and your family with a headache. The first way to get rid of the smell of cigarettes is not to smoke, but I know this statement does not work.

Introducing some perfumes that cover the bad smell of cigarettes to a great extent!

Basically, the perfumes suitable for smokers are perfumes with tobacco, leather, wood, bitter scents that dominate the smell of cigarettes; However, smokers have a weaker sense of smell due to smoking and use perfume more for the sake of others and the people around them.

Perfume companies that have products with tobacco essence believe that smokers feel relaxed and feel good with the smell of these substances, and this smell does not bother the people around them. Therefore, tobacco, which is the main ingredient of cigarettes, has itself become one of the primary ingredients for perfume production.

Bvlgari BLV Pour Homme men's vapo perfume 

Bvlgari BLV Pour Homme men's perfume is one of the perfumes suitable for smokers. This perfume will not only give you a very good feeling, but it will lead to your staying in the minds of those around you, and when you leave a meeting or party, your personality will remain in the minds of others forever.

This perfume is mixed with a seductive tobacco scent, a manly fragrance in the same contrast as it is in harmony. This perfume is a spicy, woody and fresh fragrance that was created by Alberto Morillas in 2001.
Top note: cardamom and sandalwood
Middle note: cypress, ginger and galangal (from the ginger family) 
Final note: teak wood, tobacco scent and green leaves

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP women's perfume - 212 VIP perfume 

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP women's perfume - 212 VIP perfume is suitable for smokers and for young people who are fans of this lifestyle. Fresh and enticing aromas of rum and passion fruit at the beginning of the composition take us to the heart of the perfume with notes of musk and gardenia, and then to the delicate base of the perfume with notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

With its sweet and warm scent, it is a suitable option for use in winter and autumn. The design and formulation of this perfume have been done by two of the world's famous perfumers named "Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann" and "Lucas Souza".

A man who wears this perfume looks much more attractive and charismatic. The famous face who played a prominent role in the advertising campaign of this perfume is called "Jon Kortajarena". The bottle of this perfume is designed very simply. On the metal bottle of 212 VIP, the name of this perfume is engraved horizontally and stands out.

This beautiful bottle is easily kept in hand and  also you can easily keep it in your pocket or handbag. The bottle, like the body, is made of metal, and its shine attracts your attention from a close distance.
Top notes: lemon, pepper and ginger
Middle note: spice and mint
Final note: amber, leather and wood

Parfums De Marly Kalan

Parfums De Marly Kalan A captivating and seductive combination, the fragrance of which is reminiscent of the large and luxurious gardens of France, and is suitable for smokers. Klan is the 26th perfume from the Marley brand, and in fact, this perfume is presented as a kind of tribute to the Marley brand. The cologne emphasizes its power with a combination of oriental and spicy scents mixed with the juicy scent of blood orange.
The initial part of the fragrance, after the red orange, has a combination of black pepper and spicy spices, which leads to the middle notes of orange and lavender. A strong blend of amber, roasted Tonka bean, dark notes, sandalwood and moss finish this composition and give it an authentic, luxurious and seductive quality. MORALE vapo perfume from bayrock brand can be used as this perfume. 
Top notes: black pepper, blood orange
Middle note: lavender, sunny notes, orange blossom
End note: wood, moss

Bayrocks best perfumes for smokers

Play men's perfume from bayrock

Those men who are bold but don't want to be in the center of attention will definitely fall in love with this fragrance suitable for smokers. By using this perfume, you will be noticed by people around you, especially women, without the need to show off. This perfume is amazing and it is made of grapefruit, cinnamon, spice, blood orange and rose. Of course, the most important note used in play perfume is amber and patchouli. When you spray the perfume, you can feel the smell of oriental perfume well.
The durability of this perfume is suitable for smokers and very high, so you can maintain your position for hours in a friendly or formal gathering, especially in night circles play perfume is an oriental, woody and contrasting fragrance, This perfume is completely inspired by "Paly Intense" perfume, which was produced by Emilie Cooperman, Lucas Sieuzak in 2008 with modern technology. Play perfume from bayrock brand, is completely inspired by Paly Intense Givenchy perfume. The Initial aroma of play perfume is: bergamot, grapefruit, and mandarin orange. Heart notes: black pepper, coffee, amyris, tobacco blossom. Base notes: vetiver, patchouli

BLUE DI CHANELL vapo perfume

Chanell blue is a men's vapo perfume and a perfume suitable for smokers. This perfume was released to the perfume market by bayrock company. The blue chanell from the famous and royal brand Chanell launched its first product in 1999, and this time in, another version of the Allure Homme fragrance series called Extreme was released to the world market to prove to everyone that The passage of time will not change anything, and the quality, durability and popularity will bring the place of growth and prosperity for this perfume brand with the production of newer and more lasting perfumes and with a higher and better smell distribution.
The initial scent of the perfume begins with the bitter and sweet and slightly woody smell of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and bergamot will make you fresh, which is suitable for smokers. Chanell perfume is warm, sweet and bitter. Later, the scent of mint and citrus fades to a great extent, and the scent of Tonka seeds becomes much stronger, which creates a bitter and woody, almost vanilla-like scent. In the meantime, a little sandalwood is added to the composition of the perfume and increases the bitterness and woody feeling of the perfume even more.

Men's vapo perfume Heros

This perfume is from bayrock, whose name "Heros". At first glance draws everyone to the middle Ages and Greek philosophy, which has made it a suitable perfume for smokers. At the beginning, a strange and thought-provoking feeling arises in the person, followed by a very mild and lovely scent of vanilla as well as a pleasant note of cinnamon.
This very pleasant and completely masculine perfume with a long lasting and high scent spread has made it a suitable perfume for smokers. This product was produced and introduced by bayrock brand. If you are one of those men who like hot, hot and smoky perfumes, we will introduce you one of the best of this type. Men's eau de parfum "Heros" model with its mild and cool scent is very suitable for autumn and winter nights.
HEROS vapo perfume is a mood-enhancing perfume that makes you high with its sweet and cool scent.
HEROS is one of those perfumes that, although it was created for men, but it is also liked by women, and it has become a sports fragrance that does attracts all diversity.
HEROS has a lasting fragrance, your dreams and the clothes you wear; A fragrance that will remain as a guest of your soul after several hours and even after washing.
Heros is a versatile perfume that can be said to be suitable for all seasons of the year, but the smell of Sichuan pepper, orange and amber puts it in the group of warm perfumes that enchants your soul and dreams in autumn and winter.
Top note: cinnamon and pepper
Middle note: orange and amber
Final note: vanilla, cedar and musk

Women's vapo perfume PUISSANT

Enjoying the Mediterranean and fruit aroma of PUISSANT prepares you for a promenade in spring and summer days to forget the hot weather.
By wearing this perfume, you can feel like a queen who marches arrogantly and astonishes others.
The PUISSANT vapo perfume has a cold and bitter scent, this perfume is appropriate for lady like and gracious ones who attract not only the young but also the older ages.
Some scents of flower and herbal aromas such as rose, jasmine and patchouli would arouse a positive energy and dynamic feeling in you.
The great aroma of amber, musk and vanilla in the latest notes would present you a confidence. 

STALWART men's vapo perfume 

STALWART men's vapo perfume by bayrock brand is a full-fledged perfume suitable for smokers, which has a luxury brand and strong elements of a wonderful fragrance such as the aroma of plants, vanilla and spices. The gentlemen who choose this perfume, are the ones you can rely on and there is no regret in trusting them.
Through a journey to the aromas, in the first notes, your freshness and excitement increase with a dynamic composition of bergamot, common sage and pink pepper.
In the heart note, an adorable and rare composition of the leather and vetiver would add some bitterness to the former aroma, which plays an important role in the durability and in increasing in your self-confidence.
Ultimately, in the last note, you will find an interesting mixture of ambroxan, Indonesian patchouli and cocoa which offers you relief and focus on Warm and seductive feeling consists of a wonderful powdery cashmere accord with a vague hint of vanilla and coco. This orchestra of notes embraces your soul and leaves it on a distant island in the Mediterranean, where the southern winds carry the scent of flowers and spices.  

CESAR men's vapo perfume

You can create the brightest moments of your life with CESAR vapo perfume from bayrock brand.
The coolness of CESAR perfume gives all men a pleasant feeling on hot summer days; Maybe using it after a strenuous sports activity or before a work appointment is a tempting proposition that will keep you motivated for hours.
This men's vapo perfume brings you a fresh and cool feeling. This perfume is a masculine, slightly spicy, citrusy and floral vibe that comes from a gentleman while leaving a sense of satisfaction in others.
CESAR vapo perfume starts with a strong and lingering scent of orange blossom and bergamot and brings a pleasant sensation with the scent of Tonka bean, amber and musk in the final notes. 
CESAR vapo perfume is the next item in bayrock perfumes which is suitable for smokers. This perfume is recommended for summer and spring days. CESAR has a good scent and from the beginning of entering to the market, it quickly found its place in the hearts.